Camping in and Around Berlin in Fading Summer

If you’re an avid camper or you are looking to try your first camping experience, then Berlin is a good place to be as it offers plenty of opportunities for pitching up a tent both in the city and on the outskirts. This is thanks to the many natural green spaces and beautiful lakes that there are in and around the city, you are spoilt for choice in terms of beautiful and adventurous locations to set up camp. This article will look at some of the top camping opportunities that Berlin has to offer.

Heading into the Wild

Why not leave the hustle and bustle of the city and head off on an adventure to a beautiful natural campsite around Berlin. If you prefer the simple life out in nature and you want to enjoy some peace and quiet, or you fancy a hiking adventure, bike riding, a splash in the lake or a night stargazing uninhibited by the city lights, then the following natural campsites will tick all the boxes.

Biwakplatz Mönchwinkel

This is an idyllic and quiet minimal bivouac located on the river Spree. There’s no electricity, running water or fees to pay, so this is the perfect place to come and disconnect for a while, have a rest and be at one with nature. It is reachable by car which is a bonus, and there is a cycle path along the river and some bridges so you can explore the other side. There are also some entrances for paddle boats on either side of the bridge. There are a fire pit and wooden table and benches there for a barbeque, and If you have a fishing license for the region, you could also try fly fishing there. All and all, it’s a great place to switch off.

Biber Ferienhof

If you prefer to camp somewhere where there is facilities and a bit more life, then the Biber Ferienhof in the middle of the Mecklenburg Lake District is a great option. There is a meadow on the grounds where there is plenty of room for camping or if you are in need of some creature comforts then you could stay in an apartment inside the renovated barn on site which has a number of facilities from a restaurant and outdoor shop to a sauna. There is plenty to do at this location including bike tours, long walks or canoeing, it’s a great spot too for animal lovers as there are a number of different farm animals close by.

Camping in the City

If you would prefer to camp in a location with a distinctly urban edge, then there are several locations in the city and surrounding towns where you can to do this thanks to all the parks, lakes and canals. A handful of hotels dotted along with the Canal offer waterfront campsites such as the Hotel und City Camping Süd Hettler & Lange on the Tetlow Canal.

Camping Sanssouci in Potsdam 

Just an hour’s drive South-west from the city centre you have Camping Sanssouci in Potsdam directly on lake Templin. This is a great family location as there are great facilities and plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy such as cycling, sightseeing, canoeing or kayaking and swimming. Dogs are also allowed so you can take Fido with you, and there is also an RV park for the more seasoned and equipped campers. There are also supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants on-site.

Hotel and City camping Nord 

Just 30 minutes drive to the West of Berlin you will find Hotel and City camping Nord in Berlin-Siemensstadt, this is a stunning location situated on the edge of the Berlin Spandauer Schiffartskanal, with amazing opportunities for sightseeing. You can swim in the natural waters in the river on site, or if you prefer there is an indoor and outdoor pool, there is also a sandy beach and an onsite playground for kids as well as table tennis and on-site fishing. There are lots to do and see in this location and there are plenty of facilities.

By Jane Sandwood

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