9 Unusual Things to Do in Germany this Autumn

Hohenzollern Castle, Bisingen, Baden-Württemberg. 

There's no better overview of Europe than Germany. Great, gallant and overflowing with culture and landscape, Germany is a country that solely people can't disregard. With so much hidden jewels sprinkled throughout the place, thinking out things to do in Germany is bound to bewilder.

It's That Time of the Year
It's autumn in Germany, and it's challenging to ponder a better place to visit. The days are often sunny, an excellent match for the bright oranges, reds, and yellows of the changing leaves. Apart from the colours, signals of fall flourish in the food, festivals, and unusual things to do that people best enjoy throughout the autumn months.

A selection of places to be in Germany marks of all demands – stunning scenery, vibrant cities, and abundant culture. Check out for these nine unusual things to do when it's that time of the year in the land of fairy tales!

A Walk in the Black Forest

Neighbouring the farmland to the east and Rhine to the west, the renowned Black Forest is the hometown of German fairy tales. It's one of the most stunning places to visit anytime, but exclusively in the fall as the colours of the trees change that turns this into a live spectacle.

Daydream in Hohenzollern

The Hohenzollern castle is dreamy at any time of the year. However, seeing the castle and delighting in the walk to it, make it a little bit more enchanted. You can go to the castle or have a small hike to a vantage point. Your dream can be as short as 20 minutes, but you can always turn it into a longer, memorable panoramic walk.

Embrace the Cool Side of Berlin

Berlin is the capital that overflows with culture, history, and traditional art. But it's also a home that bursts with creativity, design and an enthusiastic kind of cool. In October, wander down and get some great warm days along with the changing leaves. After all, Berlin has a considerable quantity of green spaces so you might as well relish them with some lovely colours!

What a Time to be Alive at Ludwigsburg

One of the hidden gems of Germany is the stunning Baroque town of Ludwigsburg. Let me share, their giant pumpkin festival in the fall is the greatest! From extraordinary pumpkin sculptures and enchanting pumpkin-flavoured drink and food, you'll be uncovered to a startling variety of pumpkin-related activities that you never grasped you desired. Indeed, with your Rolex travelling watches, what a time to be alive!

Walk across the Devil's Bridge of Rakotzbrucke

Rakotzbrucke is a storybook bridge that shapes a perfect circle, shimmering on the water below like a mirror. This bridge is super calm and relaxed at any time of the year, but nothing can be likened to the dazzling fall foliage. The jagged shapes, sheltered in green moss, produce an unnerving splendour. The rocks used in the structure look as if it's stretched right out from hell - no wonder it's called the Devil's Bridge.

Sip, Swish and Stumble at Bad Durkheim 

Germany isn't only about beer; it also lays entitlement to the largest wine festival in the world. The Bad Dürkheim Wurstmarkt (or Sausage Market) is a yearly activity that takes place every September. Being the most significant wine festival, you can think about crowds of tipsy humans and stall of greasy food. Indeed, you'll sip, swish, and stumble with the fun it offers!

Tuck into the German Delicacies

Germany may not have the same character for food, but it's not all Sauerkraut and Bratwurst that you know. There's the nation's favourite Currywurst, Knodel, Kasespatzle, and the homegrown Pretzel, but that's just the start. Check out for the others, and you'll be sure to tuck into the German delicacies!

Just Relish Munich

We can't speak about autumn in Germany without mentioning the famous Oktoberfest! If you're into beer or appreciate the camaraderie of singing songs, check out Oktoberfest in Munich. It is a city that tells of having fun. Anything Munich does, it makes sure that it's on a grand scale. Just relish Munich!

Why do we love autumn so much? People can't ignore the crisp, fresh air. We love how the farmers will bring their cows' home from the Alps. We all adore the harvest festivals, like the world-famous Oktoberfest and the Pumpkin Fest. Indeed, fall is a great time to stay in Germany.

By Daniyal Waseem
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