Attractions Along River Spree That You Shouldn't Miss

With 13.5 million tourist arrival in 2018, Berlin is once again hailed as the third most popular place in Europe next to London and Paris. While there are lots of beautiful places all over the city, a trip to Berlin will not be complete without going through all the amazing places located along the legendary River Spree. The waterways are dotted with lots of amazing spots which can be explored by families, tour groups, or individual travellers who want to experience Berlin's uniqueness. Here are several notable activities and attractions that you can find along the river while visiting Berlin.

River Spree Cruise

Perhaps the best way to see the beauty of Berlin's major river is through a sightseeing tour aboard a luxury boat. As soon as you made the necessary steps to avoid getting seasick for uninterrupted sightseeing pleasure, you can choose among the various cruise packages offered in the city. You may want to consider the 4-hour cruise that will take you to over 40 modern and ancient bridges built all over Berlin. It will also pass by the popular German Museum of Technology, the Potsdamer Platz public square where the famed, and the office of the interior ministry. You can also try the Berlin Sightseeing Dinner Cruise tour with a three-course meal and drinks to show you the beauty of the city at night along the riverbanks.

Museum Island (Museumsinsel) 

Spend some time appreciating art by visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site-listed museum complex located in the central Mitte district along the River Spree. You can allocate at least three days to see all the notable museums in the complex, including the historic Altes Museum, the Neues Museum, the Alte Nationalgalerie, the Bode Museum, as well as the reconstructed Pergamon Museum. Most hop-on-hop-off river cruises that cover the attractions all over the city centre pass by Museum Island. While on the island, you can also walk to other nearby attractions like the Reichstag building and the breathtaking Berlin Cathedral. Just make sure to bring a bottle of water with you during your visit to keep you hydrated.

Dining Establishments And Coffee Places Around The River

You will never get hungry as you pass by all the attractions along River Spree because of the numerous culinary places around the area. For those who want to dine with a view, head over to the Rio Grande in Kreuzberg to marvel at the beauty of the Oberbaum Bridge while eating goulash, pasta, or escalopes. You can also try the special SpreeArche restaurant in the middle of the river which you can only access through an in-house raft ferry. For those dining with their young children, the Insel Garten & Café on the Insel der Jugend (Island of Youth) in Treptow could be the best option because of its children's playground and their kid-friendly snacks and homemade ice cream. 

For speciality coffee enthusiasts, a visit to the Concierge Coffee at the southern part of the river could be a good treat. This tiny coffee shop can only accommodate a few people at a time, but its amazing flat white coffee matched with their popular apple pie will always be worth the trip. You can also have a cup of your favourite speciality brew at the Strandbar Mitte. This speciality coffee shop located between the Bode Museum and the Mobijoupark on Museum Island is also a good spot to watch tango dancers practice their moves along the riverside.

These are just a few of the most noteworthy spots that you must never miss if you plan to explore Berlin's River Spree. All of these places can showcase the true beauty of the city. So make sure to spend a significant time touring the significant places along these riverbanks to have a better appreciation of the unique charm of the German capital.

By Jane Sandwood

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