kiez.schafft - Multidisciplinary Collective Art Project

kiez.schafft is a multidisciplinary collective art project under the artistic direction of Megan Black. The project focuses on the collective creation, collaboration and chains of associations.

The first exhibition will be held on 15.06.2019 at 7pm presenting the collective artwork of various artists from Badstraße Kiez, the work is gathered over the past four months - The idea is that each artist responds to the pieces that went before them.

It all begins with an image. An artist responds to this image in their medium of choice. For example a painting, the following artist responds to the image or painting with a poem. And so the next artist continues in their medium... Each new contribution develops the narrative further until a collective work is created, coloured by many voices singing in many mediums.

The collective authorship

There is no hierarchy, all equally contribute, all voices are equally heard. The narrative can only be created by the input of various influences; the more variety, the better. This demonstrates that diversity does not diminish or threaten but rather releases and enhances artistic potential. In a time of loss of communication and a strain on relations, kiez.schafft aims to re-establish dialogue to rediscover the value of cooperation and exchange.

kiez.schafft is an artistic experiment, exploring the subjectivity of expression and interpretation. The exciting element of this project is that no one knows how it will end. The narrative develops organically, moving, shaping and changing, its ebbs and flows directed and determined by the artists. Mediums are blurred, disciplines merge, while ideas are stretched, pushed, repressed, resurfaced.

This project has no restrictions apart from one: continue the narrative. Artists are given free rein with their response, choosing the content, medium and style. As a result, the exhibition and narrative is formed through paintings, perfumes, poems, songs, soundscapes, costumes, videos, dances, objects, cameras, drawings, plays and more. Please come to the

The exhibition is on the 15th of June at Prinzenallee 59.

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