An iPhoneographic Tribute to Berlin's Motorkultur

Art exhibitions, festivals, film weeks, nightlife… Berlin is known for many things, yet there are a number of dimensions to the city that are still untapped. Lately, I stumbled upon one of them. At first, it was just an image on my Instagram feed but once I clicked on the user, I found an interesting collection of images dedicated to Berlin's amazing Motorkultur.

Johann Blain created this Instagram account a few years ago and is committed to capturing the beauty of these machines that we hold way much dearer than simply as a means of transportation. All unique in their own way, these images are marvellous.

What's really interesting in his photo collection is that Blain didn't try to limit himself to any certain brand or year, but instead he goes with his instinct and with where he finds beauty. Flicking through his feed, I agree with him and disagree with those old car enthusiasts who think that no one designed a great ride after the 70s. Johann Blain’s collection ranges from classic old timers to young and contemporary designs.

Jaguar XJR.

Volkswagen T3 Joker Westfalia. 

Mercedes-Benz 250 SE.

For Blain, cars are much more than something we use getting from A to B, an idea that will echo with anyone who really loved a car. For him, cars are passion, no surprise given that since the time we used horses and other animals to travel, we have developed a very strong emotional bond with our means of transportation. We started by giving them names and treated them akin to pets; this is something that has been carried over when we swapped flesh and blood for machines on wheels. I still know many people that have named for their personal cars and don't let anyone else touch them.

Johann goes out almost every day to capture these images with his iPhone 5. He himself owns BMW 323i (e21), a 325iS (e30) and a Mercedes 300 TD from 1983 (his birth year).

Volkswagen T2 Bus 

Considering Germany as a country for its advanced and luxury automobile industry one will expect that Berlin will be filled with latest models of the luxury brand but it’s pleasant to see that people still use and value their old, battered, four-wheeled companions, especially in Berlin. One only needs to think of the nostalgic Trabi tours for an example.

Here we have collection of our favorite shots from Blain’s collection. 
For more take a look at his Instagram feed.  

By Daniyal Waseem

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