Amazing Places To Film Your YouTube Video In Berlin

YouTube has almost 2 billion users every single month and it has become a powerful marketing tool for businesses around the world. The challenge is always on to create new video content that is unique, eye-catching, fun, but informative. Berlin can be the perfect backdrop for you to make some interesting and different videos that will stand out from the crowd. From the urban landscape to rolling green parkland, there are some great locations for every type of video you want to make.

Tempelhofer Field

If you want to make a film a video that is all about movement, then Tempelhofer Field is an amazing place -  at 386 hectares, it is one of the biggest public parks in the world. This former airport is now somewhere that the whole community goes flying kites, ride a Segway, skateboard, jog, walk their dogs and cycle. You can even see sheep grazing. Tempelhofer often hosts music events, tech conferences and fashion shows too. If you are looking for an unusual setting for a YouTube video, check out one of the abandoned airplanes, or take a tour of the hangars. They are atmospheric, with some amazing acoustics. Don’t forget to visit the Luftgarten whilst you are there - it is no longer a place to wait for your flight. It is now arguably the best beer garden in Berlin.

Party at Myfest

If you want to film a vibrant video for your business that demonstrates a sense of fun and community spirit, then head into Berlin on May 1st, for the glorious and chaotic spectacle that is Myfest. It is an incredible open-air party that marks the start of the summer. Walking through the crowded streets, you will experience noise, music, dancing, costumes and an atmosphere like no other. There are stages throughout the city with live performances and plenty of delicious food. Your video can show just how diverse the people in one city can be, yet they all celebrate together, enjoying the sunshine. Myfest is all about having fun, meeting friends and looking forward to the future.

The tiniest disco in the world

Want to film a YouTube video that is full of character? How about heading to one of the smallest discotheques in the world. There are three Telediskos in Berlin, made from converted telephone booths. You simply put your money in the slot, pick your music, go inside and dance like a mad thing for three minutes. Options include smoke machine, disco ball and strobe lights. For a selfie style marketing video, it’s a great option and will only cost you a few euro. There are built-in cameras in the Teledisko too, so you will have a few snaps for your social media pages. Money well spent and you’ll have a great time!

Berlin is vibrant, modern and rich with places to film your next YouTube Video. You won’t have to pay for an expensive set - just let your amazing location do the talking.

By Jane Sandwood
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