Message Behind The 'Pink Zones' Of Görlitzer Park

It wasn't long ago that local Government claimed that they have cleared the Görlitzer park and nearby areas in Kreuzberg from drug dealers but according to locals it never happened. Honestly, I don't think this can ever be done, as long as there is demand there will be supply the only possible and sustainable solution is to channel the situation properly and this is what parks manager did, in a way.

The park manager Cengiz Demirci declared areas where dealers should be allowed to operate, let's call them pink zones as they are identified by spray-painted pink boxes. Pink zones would mean that visitors to the park – known locally as Görli – will not be intimidated by groups of dealers, who crowd the entrance.

Demirci said, “This method has purely practical reasoning behind it and it’s not that we’re legalising the selling of drugs.”

If we look deeper this small action has a deeper message, Germany has always been a pragmatic nation and deals with social problems in a proper way one good example is legalizing the prostitution which surprises many foreigners but since you can get rid of it so its better to manage it properly, prostitutes pay their taxes and work like normal freelancers.

Sale of marijuana in Berlin is no secret anyone can take a train to Görlitzer Bahnhof and buy it right at the train station, there are even dealers online who will deliver it your house like pizza but since its technically not legal the dealers normally have to work in groups and gangs like you see outside of the Görltzer park or Revaler Str for their protection which also creates an intimidating environment for the by passers and locals.

The majority of these dealers are asylum seekers who are not allowed to work while waiting for their claims to be processed which sometimes can prolong to years and most cases rejected after which they are not left with many choices. If they get temporary work permission like students they can find other types of jobs, there is not big money in selling drugs on the street anyway.

Bran Travisano
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