The Best Parks In Berlin For Dogs

Berlin is a proudly dog-friendly city — there are roughly 110,000 dogs in Berlin, a number which grows year by year. And as such, there are plenty of parks all over the city available for dogs to enjoy and explore. Most dog-friendly parks also have additional fenced-in areas, which give your dog the chance to run and play off the leash. The best parks in Berlin are large enough to provide a fun, interesting walks both you and your furry friend enjoy.

Hasenheide Park

Hasenheide is a beautiful and spacious park located in the Berlin district of Neukölln on the border to Kreuzberg. Dogs are supposed to be kept on the leash, so you don’t have to worry about yours chasing after any rabbits.

There’s two fenced-in parks specifically for dogs: one for smaller dogs and one for all other dogs, which is complete with litter boxes, water bowls, and benches. Hasenheide also has plenty for humans to enjoy — an open-air cinema, a sports area, a mini-golf course, a rose garden, and even a small zoo with Himalayan cows, Australian emu, and ponies. Or, you can simply relax under the shade of the trees with your dog. Be sure to visit the Jahn oak tree that’s over 300 years old.

Grunewaldsee Nature Preserve

Grunewaldsee — the largest forest in West Berlin — is a haven for dogs. You can easily spend two hours or longer walking around the huge lake while your dog plays in the water. There’s always plenty of other dogs here, so yours is bound to make some friends! You can also walk your dog off the leash in the forest where it’s quieter.

Once you’re thirsty, visit the nearby beer garden, where there’s also a stall selling dog treats (open only during weekends). Of course, whether you’re in Grunewaldsee or on vacation elsewhere, it’s important to be a responsible dog owner and pick up after your dog. However, there’s only one dog waste bin in the area, which is at the beer garden, so bear that in mind on your walk.

Tempelhofer Feld

One of Berlin’s largest dog parks, Tempelhofer Feld spans at least an impressive four hectares. The park offers three different fenced-in areas for dogs to enjoy and explore. It’s usually quite busy, so great for dogs who love to socialise with other dogs.

There are also plenty of dog waste bins as well as bag dispensers (however, these aren’t always well stocked). You’ll also find seats if you need a rest. Don’t expect any trees or lakes, however. Tempelhofer Feld is really just a giant field. The rest of the park has shrubs, trees, and hills, but your dog will have to walk on the leash. Using a retractable leash will give your dog more freedom if you walk in this area.

But that’s not the end of Berlin’s selection of dog-friendly parks. You should also make time to visit: Arkenberge, Pichelswerder, Forst Jungfernheide, Volkspark Friedrichshain, Tiergarten, and Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg. With so much choice, neither you or your dog will ever be bored in Berlin.

By Jane Sandwood
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