14th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival

No more “I Love You’s”! From May 9th until 12th the 14th edition of the XPOSED International Queer Film Festival celebrates queer life in all its colors – 16 documentary and feature films, as well as eight short film programs, will be shown in Berlin's oldest cinema, Kino Moviemento in Berlin-Kreuzberg, and this year for the first time as well in Neukölln’s Wolf Kino.

"With a strong visual language, experimental filmmaking unfolds the loss, love and craziness of our times. Barbara Hammer (1939-2019), whose life and work we celebrate in our program, had mastered this skill beautifully. We love her, and all the other filmmakers that unveil their hearts and minds”, comment festival directors Merle Groneweg and Bartholomew Sammut on this year’s program.

The program will open with Jeremiah Zagar’s Sundance-winning WE THE ANIMALS (the USA, 2018). Based on Justin Torres’ bestselling novel, director Jeremiah Zagar paints a very compelling portrait of brotherhood and the forming of impressions and identity in a working-class family.

The 16 documentary and feature films in the official program confidently refuse any logics of assimilation. Their characters are outcasts, living on the fringes of society. Their directors question the state of the world through the art of montage. Hetero/cis-normativity is observed in everyday life and queered in the archive. As usual, the family is at the center of observations: Children struggle, but so do their parents, caught in precarious and repressive circumstances.

And then, when the subconscious collides with fantasy, new worlds emerge. Film pioneer and queer icon Barbara Hammer, who died in March, is honored in several parts of the program: Her short films DYKETACTICS (the USA, 1974), SUPERDYKE MEETS MADAME X (the USA, 1975), DOUBLE STRENGTH (the USA, 1978) and NO NO NOOKY TV (the USA , 1987) engage in dialogue with contemporary works in four short film programs. 27 years after its completion, the documentary essay classic NITRATE KISSES (the USA, 1992) still asks urgent questions in the current discourse on the documentation of queer past and present. Beyond, DYKES, CAMERA, ACTION! (D: Caroline Berler, USA 2018), CAROLEE, GUNVOR AND BARBARA (D: Lynne Sachs, USA 2018) and VEVER (D: Deborah Stratman, USA 2018) deal with the legacy of Hammer's oeuvre. In keeping with this, the panel discussion A Love Letter to Lesbian Filmmaking focuses on women who love women – in front of and behind the camera.

The panel will take place on May 11 at 15h in Aquarium, Skalitzer Str. 6. In its 5th round, the Queer Short Film Fund once again offers Germany-based filmmakers the opportunity to present their queer short film projects to a jury of experts and the audience at a public pitching session. The winner will receive a total of € 3.000 in project funding. We are very pleased to present the winning projects of the very first and third Queer Short Film Fund, PROTOTYPES by Doireann O'Malley (Germany/Ireland, 2019) and THE SEA RUNS THRU MY VEINS by Zara Zandieh (Germany, 2019) in this year’s official program!

14th XPOSED International Queer Film Festival
May 09 – 12 2019
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