Why You Should Launch Your Next Start-up in Berlin?

Berlin is one of the most diverse cities in Germany and one of the main destinations in this country for start-up companies. The city is considered to be the fastest growing environment for startup businesses and it provides a set of financial advantages for this type of investments. Berlin also offers a dynamic business environment and it is generally selected by young entrepreneurs who want to enter the tech market.

Some of the key points of why Berlin should be of interest for German and foreign start-up companies refer to the initial start-up costs. In the case of businesses registered as limited liability companies, the minimum share capital required is of EUR 12,500; such companies will be taxed with a corporate tax applicable at the rate of 15%, while the value-added tax is available at a rate of 19%.

A start-up business in Berlin can be incorporated in a period of 11 days if all the company documents are prepared as requested by the law. Foreign businessmen can address to experts in forming companies in Germany for any matter related to the registration of a start-up company in Berlin.

In terms of the most developed activities related to the start-up sector in Berlin, investors must know that the fintech sector, the health and life sciences and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the highlights of the city’s tech market, accounting for an investment volume of EUR 2,968 billion.

As presented above, Berlin is seen as the fastest growing market for the registration of start-up companies and this can be seen in the overall number of businesses registered in this sector. The city has a new start-up business every 20 minutes and it is estimated that by 2020, the start-up sector will account for 100,000 new jobs.

Furthermore, the local government sustains the development of the start-up sector through various means. Thus, the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy provides an online platform, the Business Start-up Portal, which offers relevant information concerning this industry.

During the registration of a company, businessmen can obtain advice from the Single Point of Contact for Berlin regarding administrative issues, but investors can also obtain financing solutions from local banking institutions.

German investors and foreign businessmen interested in expanding their business activities outside Germany can request for legal representation when investing in other European countries, such as Switzerland or the Netherlands; when choosing these business destinations, investors can address to FirmenGrundungSchweiz.com and Firmengruendung-Niederlande.com, where they can receive specialized assistance regarding the registration procedure of a local company.

In case you would like to start a company in another European city, for example in Bucharest, you can get in touch with this team of lawyers specialized in forming companies in Romania.
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