Create a Seasonal Storm With Your Local Kochhaus

Want to know the best thing about the seasons? The food that goes hand in hand with them. And I’m not just talking about a four seasons pizza. I’m talking Hokkaido, Butternut, and Pattypan. The pumpkins are back in town: the soups of Berlin are all yellow.

Whilst waving farewell to summer does not get any easier over the years, saying hello again to autumn has become a genuine meet and greet for me. The city changes colour as leaves slowly decay into a rustic brown mass. Meanwhile, large flecks of orange replace the delicate red of summer fruits. Living in Berlin has made me far more aware of the seasonal change in food and I am grateful for it.

It’s no secret; Turkish supermarkets are my favourite.  The freshest produce and the lowest prices? It’s a no-brainer.  But if you’re at a loss once you’ve purchased your goods and need a further guiding hand, I have an alternative solution for you kitchen shy Berliners.

Get out your house and get to your local Kochhaus. This brilliant concept store can be found in three central locations here in Berlin. Choose from the Bergmannstrasse 94 in Kreuzberg, Schoenhauser Allee 46 in Prenzlauerberg or Akazienstrasse 1 in Schoeneberg.

All 3 shops are stocked to the brim with ingredients and the instructions to go with them. Clearly set out in a workstation format, you are free to peruse the various recipes on offer. Whether it is a starter, main or pudding, each meal is displayed with all the necessary ingredients divided perfectly into the required measurements. This way you avoid wasting food or collecting an array of bizarre ingredients you are unlikely to use again.

Like cooking from scratch but lack the time to think up new dishes? Kochhaus is your saviour. And even I (who has proudly just about mastered the art of omelettes) find their recipes realistic and manageable, so there is hope for you too. Kochhaus makes it easy. You just have to choose from a selection of seasonal recipes before filling your basket.  Allow me to whet your taste buds. Walk in there today and expect to find the likes of a pumpkin and orange soup, avocado risotto and a chicken red Thai curry.

Of course, there are always the key staple items such as the trusty onion or garlic clove which you probably have at home already. That in mind, you spend around 6€ a recipe. They are always made for 2 people so you can adjust accordingly.

Hosting a dinner party? Kochhaus has the drinks covered too. Each recipe is handily accompanied by a recommended wine to best compliment the dish in question. Save time and cut out the all too familiar aimless amble up and down the wine aisle, hopelessly searching for that je ne sais quoi.

The offerings of Kochhaus do not stop there. Try a cooking course, buy a gift voucher or sample Kochhaus’s very own cuisine and dine in. While the menu changes on a weekly basis, the cooking classes vary from flavours of Morocco, Asia or Spain. Suitable for vegans and meat eaters alike, everyone can find something to tingle their palate. The shops sell kitchen utensils as well as additional edible extras all carefully selected and from the region where possible. It’s always worth a browse and ideal for present buying. Or just if you fancy yourself as the next Nigella Lawson.

In fact they exist all over Germany so you should never be far from one. And if the worst should happen and you are stranded in a town with no Kochhaus in sight, get onto the Wi-Fi and make your order online!

Put reason into your season. Bring Kochhaus into your kitchen and get your teeth stuck into some Kürbis or Feige.

By Alice Higgins

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