Engage in The ad\venture With Tibor Horváth

ad\venture introduces nearly 400 drawings by Tibor Horvath, a Hungarian conceptual artist. He has been uploading his work on the internet over the past 5 years.

Each of these drawings deal with universal subjects reduced into small formats and within these compressed visual boundaries he sets out to challenge our everyday comfort. He uses well-known visual symbols which are easy to recognise and understand but do we understand how we came to be governed by what they represent?

These illustrated statements are ruthless witty whiplashes which target human carelessness, negligence and ignorance. And the artist is not shy to crack down on all walks of life, be it world-famous trademarks, celebrities, public figures, endangered animals, trending memes, popular emojis, or centuries old masterpieces. Bricks of the very foundations and pillars of our society and culture are reshuffled just to be mix-matched with unexpected analogies and grotesque modifications. He deconstructs ideologies and empty platitudes with brilliance.

These drawings are accessible under the name of @adseries on the internet and they are available for public download, reproduction and further editing without any copyright restrictions. This is the first time the Berlin audience can view them exhibited with their individual framework.

The carefully selected picture frames emphasize their distinctive characters and uniqueness and help the images break out from the web of their virtual existence, this way placing them back into the material world. ad\venture takes place in a space designed especially for this occasion where the audience finds themselves surrounded by a universe of quips and mockery.

TIBOR HORVÁTH‘s works have been characterized by radical taboo-subverting, and sometimes provocation-laden, institutional and social critique. In addition to the genres of graphics, photography, video and installation, his works are often realized in actions as well as various fictional and operational institutions. As his main weapons, Horváth operates with irony, persiflage, intentional misreading and reinterpretation. He approaches power structures from the vantage point of the individual, at the level of everyday problems and absurdities – a position that is further accentuated by his unsophisticated use of visual and textual tools.

ad\venture – Tibor Horváth

Zönotéka, Hobrechtstraße 54, 12047 Berlin
Opening: Friday, March 15, 2019, 2 pm – 10 pm 
Performers: andyvazul, Guzman Bromelia, koton, na_cut, Tom Select, SPÄTI

On view: March 16 – April 7, 2019
Opening times: Wednesday – Sunday: 2 pm – 7 pm
Entrance: free

E-mail:  ad.ventureberlin2019@gmail.com
Contact: Sara Stenczer, +491735632226
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