How Do You Stay in Love with Your Job?

Finding a job in Berlin is hard and holding on to it even harder. We also work hard so that we can save for the fun things in life that we enjoy.

There are very few of us who are able to land a career or a job that they enjoy. They do work that brings them satisfaction and joy every day. Others aren't as lucky. They feel like they are stuck in a job or a career that is getting them nowhere. They feel like they don't have other options. There are many reasons why people don't like their jobs.

When people grow more and more unhappy with their jobs, it can a be time for a change. Sometimes people decide to start their own businesses. Others go back to school. Some people have elected to work for companies that share workspaces. You can find out more about these options at and other sites.

If you've lost the enjoyment for your job, here are a few ways that you can rekindle that spark:

1. Review your perspective

Sometimes when we're unhappy, it helps to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. There are always people who are far better, worse off than you. Many of them would love to be where you're at in life. Maybe you might want to do some volunteer work in your community. Helping others in need can help you appreciate your current situation.

2. Plan your days

Many people get stressed in their jobs because they feel like they have too much to do. Too much stress is unhealthy. One way to help lower your stress is to plan out your workday. Take some time and organize all of the meetings and daily tasks on a calendar. Set realistic time frames for each job. Make sure to allow time for the random things that always seem to happen no matter where you work. This can help you get a better handle on what you have to do, and help you prioritize each responsibility.

3. Take breaks when you need to

Most workplaces mandate a certain number of breaks in a work day. Take full advantage of them, especially when you need to clear your head or just step away from your desk for a few minutes. Taking time out just for you can help you regain clarity and focus so you can concentrate when you return to your desk.

4. Leave your work at work

People who work in salaried positions or are frequently on-call rarely get to distinguish between work life and home life. For the rest of us, it's necessary to have those boundaries. Leave your work at the office whenever possible. Having a good work/life balance is essential for improved mental and emotional well-being.

So many of us get caught up in negative thinking and bad things that happen, that we forget to look at the good. Many of us do good work that makes a difference every day. If it's time to make a change, then make a change that will benefit you. Pursue a vocation that makes you happy. Doing work that you love not only gives you a positive outlook, it also helps you enjoy and appreciate all the good things that go on every day in the world around you.
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