The Saviour of Online Dating: Meet Fuse

In July, I moved to Berlin. I was young, naive, alone, and in dire need of the company. I would sit in parks, trying to learn German from my pocket dictionary, but I had no one to practice with. I have always been told that the best way to learn a language is to fall in love with a native speaker. However, making friends is a lot harder than one would think in a city where friendships and romances found during the night in clubs often dissolve at the break of dawn. So I decided to turn to dating apps for help.

Sadly, this was not such a foolproof plan, as it meant that I had to use the dreaded Tinder. I was wary, seeing as the last time I’d used the app, the guy I was meeting arrived drugged up to his eyeballs with Valium. It had made the conversation somewhat slow.

With Tinder, you are inundated with inappropriate messages, people with one blurry photo and bios which just read ‘Anal?’ The idea of having to sift through that waste to find one rare, glittering diamond, was was not a nice one.

Luckily, one evening I was relaying my latest Tinder debacle to a lovely boy in a bar, and he told me about Fuse, a new dating app where you discover people and their stories – not their selfies or their “inches”. I was given hope for the future. Fuse was born in Berlin to founders Georg Gajewski, Mirthe van Popering and Jaschar Vossoug about a year ago and is yet to be released. Like me, they did not like the dating apps that were out there, and so rather than grinning and bearing it, they decided to make a new one. They wanted to create a dating app for people looking to make real connections rather than just sexual ones.

The app asks for a bit of vulnerability and creativity, which means that not only do you get to see pictures of your potential date’s face, but you can also see snapshots of their favourite shoes, the delicious looking meal they made for their mother’s birthday, and the sketch they just did of their dog. You can even listen to your future date’s voice and hear them read a passage from a book, recite a line of poetry, or answer all kinds of questions, and you can find out what it is that they love and hate. I later had the honour of becoming one of the first testers for Fuse, and I found that it shows so much more personality than other dating apps I have used. Maybe getting catfished will soon become a thing of the past.

It seems completely natural that this app was created in Berlin as it fits so perfectly with the city and its soul. Berlin is renowned as being a unique city filled with self-expression, with imagination and with inventiveness. Everything that Fuse has at its core. And so, of course, as it thrives off Berlin’s spirit, it is unique in not only the city but also the world.

The Fuse crew is currently running a Kickstarter project to prepare the app for its official launch. Having received over €10,000 in pledged donations, they're well on their way of reaching their 25K crowdfunding goal. Help them hit 100% and make this love story into one that lasts forever! If you don't have any financial means to support Fuse, but you do believe in their project, then share their Kickstarter project with those you love and help them spread the word.

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