Why Berlin’s International Beer Festival Should Be On Your Radar

Nightlife, food, scenery, history, museums. These are just some of the many reasons people all over the world travel to Berlin. And move over Paris, Berlin is becoming the new city of love. Another great aspect of Berlin’s appeal is the year-round festivals—whether it be music or beer-related. And this summer’s 22nd annual International Berlin Beer Festival combines the best of both worlds and is one event you do not want to miss.

Three days of fun in the sun

The International Berlin Beer Festival runs from Friday, August 3rd to Sunday, August 5th, and runs until 12am the first two nights and until 10pm on the last night. That is three full days and nights dedicated to beer, summer, and music. The added bonus is that admission to this legendary festival is completely free! No matter where you are, make sure to be at Karl-Marx-Allee between Strausberger Platz and Frankfurter Tor in August to enjoy this unmissable event. Plus, since it is summer, there will be so many more events and festivals happening in Berlin during this time so those traveling can easily fill up their schedules.

A dream for beer lovers everywhere

Whether you were born in Berlin or are visiting from another city or abroad, you will find a beer for you during this three-day festival. The event’s theme this year is "Beers from the other end of the world: The 'hop side' of New Zealand" and will feature 344 breweries from 87 different countries and their 2,400 brands of beers. Talk about international. If you love beer, this is the place to be. The festival is even divided by the geographic origins of the beers, making it easy to travel through your taste buds. Since the event runs for three days, you will easily be able to sample many beers throughout the festival.

Music from around the world

No festival would be complete without music. And the International Berlin Beer Festival delivers. Fans of traditional German folk music will find exactly what they are looking for during this festival and on other stages throughout the event, there will be live performances by both national and international bands and musicians. No matter what your musical preference, you will find something for you at one of the many stages.

Whether you are a Berlin local or visiting from another city or country, the 22nd annual International Beer Festival should be on your radar. Enjoy a free three-day event filled with beer and music and see for yourself what makes this city and its people so magical.

22nd International Berlin Beer Festival 2018
Karl-Marx-Allee between Strausberger Platz and Frankfurter Tor 
Opening hours:
Friday, 3rd August: 12 pm to 12 am
Saturday, 4th August: 10 am to 12 am
Sunday, 5th August: 10 am to 10 pm
Admission free.

By Jane Sandwood
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