Romantic Couple Date Ideas In Berlin

Are you looking for a place to show your loved one how much you care? Berlin should be at the top of your list. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a place that offers candlelit dinners, romantic walks, plenty of action, or wellness, Berlin has got you covered.  If you’re new to Berlin, you won’t want to waste any time seeking out the best that it has to offer you as a couple. Here is a list of romantic things you can do.

Go For a Night Out

Berlin is known for its robust nightlife since the 1920s, and this is for a reason. The place hosts plenty of cocktail bars. Monkey Bar has cocktails with a rooftop view while Rum Trader has perfected their art of mixology. Clubs like Berghain and Tresor are known for their eclectic techno and house music.  You can choose to go to an opera house or a converted hall for subtle entertainment. Berlin Philharmonic has the world’s best orchestras, and it’s a great way to celebrate with your loved one.  Take part in salsa or tango at the Clarchens Ballhaus and enjoy the old jazz days.

Explore Berlin’s Foodie Culture

Nothing beats a romantic city break than great food at a fantastic place. You have plenty of options to choose from in Berlin.  For a romantic breakfast, try the classic Zimt und Zucker that offers fantastic breakfast options.  If you and your loved one opt for fast food, the Marheinecke Markthalle is a perfect choice.  You’ll find a variety of street food options.  Zur Letzten Instanz is a place to have that special meal in the evening. You can also pop in Zenkichi that offers tasty Japanese cuisine.

Visit Romantic Castles

Berlin has plenty of romantic castles. A local guide can help you get to them and share the history about them along the way.  The Peacock Island and Schloss Charlottenburg are a must visit as they boast of spectacular gardens and a lake. A trip to Little Venice or the Isle of Youth offers a quiet romantic setting.

Capture the Moment in a Photo Booth

There’s nothing more memorable than photos you take as a couple on a romantic getaway. The city’s photoautomaten was refurbished in 2014, and it’s a great place to take old-fashioned photos in a photo booth. You’ll only need two euros to have a strip of black and white photographs. It’s also a fantastic place to get creative and let your inner child out.

Berlin might not be the first place when you think of a romantic getaway, but it’s one of the cities that offer crazy fun and plenty of activities, Visit the above places for a good time with your loved one.

By Jane Sandwood
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