Schools of Tomorrow. Test Run For The School of The Future

Eva Kot’átková | Educational Model, 2009, Edition 2/3, Art Collection Telekom | © the artist, courtesy of hunt kastner, Prague. 

Schools are laboratories for tomorrow’s society: but how can they become places where a new future emerges?  What social agents are necessary for this? Since 2017, students, artists, teachers, and academics have been exploring the question of how schools can be collectively transformed.

All the ideas from everyday school life and concepts for educational praxis which have been addressed since May 2017 in a Kick-Off Conference, in nineteen School Projects, and an Ideas Competition, will be brought together in June 2018 in a concluding program: the Test Run for the School of the Future.

Schools of Tomorrow looks ahead into the future, but also into the past: One hundred years ago, educational reformers across the globe strove to create the foundation for new methods of learning and teaching.

Industrialization, worldwide migration and urbanization led to profound upheavals. In his groundbreaking 1915 publication Schools of To-Morrow the philosopher and educator John Dewey and his daughter Evelyn Dewey laid out his teaching theories based on a series of school experiments in the United States.

His educational approach, which intended to prepare students to actively take part in shaping society, continues to have an effect today.

Based on Dewey’s ideas, Schools of Tomorrow is examining experimental school practices from the twentieth century in order to develop fields of action and themes that can identify new pathways for learning.

Curated by Silvia Fehrmann
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