One Fine Evening

On a fine evening, I sat down,
searching for the one I always thought was miles away.
Little did I know that life would bring such a wonder,
but not a small one, to put it right away.

I was enchanted and delighted,
the city that instilled in me, the fear of not getting it right in any which way,
brought the dearest to my doorstep.
Drenched in every bit of the emotion I thought I had forgotten,
the love that seemed to be at bay and the happiness that seemed to vanish away, 
the sense of being incomplete and caught up in an endless struggle with myself,
amidst millions of aspirations that the city of contrasts presents,
life suddenly took hold of me.

To the city that I imagined, not even in the brightest of days, would bring me to this juncture,
you made me the person I could never fathom to be,
from the never-ending surprises to the twists & turns that made me valorous,
I owe it all to you,
You taught me how to live, laugh and love.

By Namrata Saha

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