Sigrid Neubert. Photographs. Architecture and Nature

9 February – 3 June 2018
A special exhibition by the Kunstbibliothek – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

Sigrid Neubert (born 1927) is one of Germany’s best-known architectural photographers. For about three decades she worked for a number of important architectural offices, during which time she created high-contrast photographs that throw buildings’ structures into sharp relief, and honed her unique and distinctive style.

Furthermore, in the 1970s she began creating striking pictures of nature, a pursuit to which she has devoted herself entirely since 1990. Her working style has been characterized consistently by its exceptionally intense engagement with the photographed object.

Neubert’s most famous works are her monographs on the Nymphenburg Palace Park and Maltese megalithic temples, although she also found acclaim for her iconic architecture photographs of the high-rise BMW building in Munich. The retrospective of her work was in part made possible by a generous donation of important groups of works to the Kunstbibliothek’s photography collection.
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