Dictionary of Now #9 MARKET

Simon Denny and Linda Kantchev, Detail from the Blockchain Future States, 2016. | Courtesy the artists. 

In technologically driven markets, accelerated transactions create an ever more dense succession of crises. At the same time, the universalistic credo of growth, progress and prosperity persists. In the digital economy, machines and algorithms are increasingly making decisions, taking action and working—and have long become powerful market players. What basic assumptions about the human-machine-work relationship underlie this form of the market? How is the community-building function of markets changing? Dictionary of Now #9 the sociologist and philosopher of science Karin Knorr Cetina, Philip Mirowski, Professor of Economics and the History and Philosophy of Science, and the lecturer in digital economy Nick Srnicek will discuss the limits of an idea of the market on the basis of which more and more spheres of life experience a comprehensive financialization accelerated by digitalization.

Karin Knorr Cetina focuses on the study of global microstructures and social studies of finance. In her talk, she will ask what a posthuman culture in which human traders and algorithms are both “actors” and “players” may look like. Outside of the economics profession, Philip Mirowski is perhaps best known for his work on the history and political philosophy of neoliberalism. He will sketch the emergent outlines of the alternative program of an evolutionary computational economics. Nick Srnicek examines the political economy of AI and the ways in which machine learning and big data are generating monopolies of power and profit within contemporary capitalism, and what this may mean for the future of the economy. At HKW he will talk about political strategies in the context of the pervasive spread of neoliberal markets, and the market dependency of capitalist social relations.

What forms of political analysis and criticism are still thinkable in markets based on algorithms and machines? The Chor der Kulturen der Welt, under the direction of Barbara Morgenstern and Philipp Neumann, will examine this question with interventions of historic and current protest and workers’ songs.

The Dictionary of Now series reflects on the capacity of specific terms to both depict and create the world. Until 2018, notable representatives from the sciences, politics and the arts, from theory and practice will question established meanings of selected words against the backdrop of the latest discourses. A publication will compile the keywords and contributions of each edition to be issued in 2018 at the end of the project 100 Years from Now.

Dictionary of Now #9 MARKET
Lectures, talk, interventions by the Chor der Kulturen der Welt
Tuesday, December 12, 2017, 7 pm
With Karin Knorr Cetina, Philip Mirowski and Nick Srnicek

Dictionary of Now is part of 100 Years from Now. 100 Years from Now is supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media due to a ruling of the German Bundestag. Haus der Kulturen der Welt is funded by the German Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the German Foreign Ministry.

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