Humour in Germany - Get attahere..

Winter is coming. So goes the popular saying. Well, folks, I’m here to tell you that winter is here and we’re all going to have to endure the cold weather for the next couple of months.

But that doesn’t mean enduring it with a frown on your face. Though the weather may be gloomy and the skies always grey, there are wonderful people out there in Berlin ready to put a smile on your face.

Comedy nights in Berlin are a popular alternative to the raving and clubbing the city is known for. The English stand-up scene here is thriving and with a plethora of international talent and your pick of nightly performances, you’re spoilt for choice.
Cosmic Comedy nights at Belushi’s have become some of the most popular comedy events in Berlin. Run by comedians Neil Numb and Dharmander Singh, Cosmic Comedy opens its doors every Monday and Thursday for the open-mic night with free pizza and shots (take note) giving performers a platform to showcase their talents and giving us a belly full of laughs.

Performers like James Rankin and Kirthy Iyer have both graced the Cosmic Comedy stage and from that formed friendships and a partnership that is sure to tickle your funny bone.

James Rankin

Rankin, an Australian-born comic who has performed all over Europe and garnered high praise and reviews in his native Australia, has become a leading figure in the ever-expanding Berlin comedy scene where he hosts, produces and performs at popular shows.

James is also the producer of the brilliant German Mind-Artist, Cosmo, who performs also in English, a real treat for the ex-pats. After rave reviews, Cosmo’s next show is coming up on the 2nd of December at Lagari in Neukolln. Tickets can be found here.

Kirthy Iyer

Iyer, who was born in India and studied in Canada, is based in Frankfurt and is the founder of the English comedy scene in Frankfurt under the banner SUP Comedy. Kirthy spent the first two years of SUP Comedy’s conception recruiting a strong comedic community to grow the Frankfurt’s scene. Since then he has brought top international comedians to Frankfurt including Nik Coppin, Michael Porter but no one more popular than this December’s international headliner Lynn Ruth Miller. For Iyer, meeting Lynn was a truly inspirational moment. Lynn started her career at the age of 71!! She has won numerous awards and was one of the top 4 comedians on America’s Got Talent. Currently 85 years old, Lynn will be performing 2 shows with Sup Comedy on the same night, Friday the 1st of December at Circus Frankfurt Bar in Frankfurt.

Complementary to their individual projects, 2017 has been an exciting year for James and Kirthy. The duo toured Poland together, performing to sold-out crowds at Warsaw and Wroclaw and even had a successful run at the world-famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Lynn Ruth Miller
Such was their success that they now formed a partnership called Jokeworks, an amalgamation of their individual projects (Rankin Comedy and Sup Comedy) to create top quality comedy events throughout Europe and at major festivals around the world. Aiming to bring a smile to audiences through their observations on their own life story, James and Kirthy’s uncanny alliance brings a funny twist to life in their current show Joke Life, which is about to embark on a European tour that will conclude back in Berlin.

The allure and beauty of comedy, not just during the winter season, but as a whole, is the way it brings communities together. Whether it is participating in shows, or being a member of an audience, it’s not just expats looking for the familiar English jokes to brighten up their day. Locals are finding their way into these comedy clubs to enjoy what these performers have to offer. Another sign that in a city shrouded by grey skies, you can always find laughter nearby to warm you up.

You can follow Rankin and Iyer by following links below:
James Rankin, Kirthy Iyer, Jokeworks.

By Shoshi Khaddour
Images by Shoshi Khaddour

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