Hey Carolina: A Love Song Dedicated to Berlin

The music video "Hey Carolina" was released last year as one of the two lullabies by John Paris. He created this video while living in Brooklyn, however, John Paris always had a fascination with Berlin's history, especially from the time of World War II so he decided to use the historical images and clips of Berlin as a video to go with his lullaby "Hey Carolina" and one can see why!

The emotional bond between the footage and the music is evident. In many ways, It really is a love song to the Berlin.

John Paris is a psychedelic/folk/rock artist based in Berlin.  Drawing inspiration from Phish, Radiohead, Andrew Bird, and others, he creates music that celebrates a dynamic between introspection and freewheeling energy.

John Paris' relationship with music started with years of classical piano, ultimately leading him to play at frat parties in college and clubs in New York City.  He is now based in Berlin, building a following through local clubs and festivals with his 4-piece band.  His shows have been described as “hot…JP's impressive guitar work completes the band’s robust energy as they ambitiously weave from counterpoint into improvisation, all the while charming the audience with delicate, folk-sweet-nothing lyrics.”

You can check him out on Spotify  Youtube  Soundcloud  iTunes  Facebook  Instagram

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