Spacebase EXPERIMENTAL: A Creative Web Series

‘‘Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom’’. As rightly put by former Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor E. Frankl, space indeed forms a crucial part of the foundation stone of one’s development. By molding one’s responses to stimuli, the immediate environment of one’s working space is an important factor governing performance.

However, the effect of space is a rather underrated and overlooked entity. Companies have shown to spend billions of dollars on meetings year after year facilitating unproductive meetings in mundane locations. Addressing the very concept and capturing the essence of what it holds for creative performance, Spacebase, an online booking platform for unique meeting rooms and workshop spaces all over the world, was conceived. Founded by Jan Hoffmann-Keining and Julian Jost, it stands by its mission ‘‘To make your meetings better and change the way you meet’’ and has been a part of Berlin’s startup ecosystem since early 2015.

In their latest venture, Spacebase has set out to uncover the best ways to boost one’s creative prowess formulating a unique web series called ExperiMENTAL. With its scientific comparative -case study methodology using handpicked standard creative tests recommended by researchers from Stanford University and the UCLA, the results have far reaching implications. For instance, one of the experiments exemplify how moderate amounts of alcohol can actually boost your creative output by stimulating free flow of ideas. This is interesting in the light of the fact that caffeine beverages for the longest time have found center stage being stimulants of the central nervous system but have additionally shown to have several side-effects including increased stress, anxiety, and irritability. As opposed to the approach of ‘‘being more awake and alert’’ with caffeine, ExperiMENTAL reveals how being a little tipsy might actually be a stimulant for the outflow of some of the best creative ideas. Berliners take note.

The web series provides an interesting repertoire of ideas to boost creativity especially for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs with small teams aspiring for accelerated and maximally productive beginnings. The experiments involved groups of complete strangers undertaking different kinds of activities and include a TV-watching session, an exercise class, an unproductive meeting, an interactive meeting, cards against humanity, and copious amounts of alcohol. Shot in four of Spacebase’s Berlin co-working spaces, namely, Rent 24 Coworking, Schöneberg, Ahoy! Coworking, Mitte, Village, Tiergaten, The Apartment, Neukölln, and the Sankt Oberholz, Mitte, the results are both hilarious and insightful.  The launch event on July 20 saw more than 100 guests come together to the newest addition of Spacebase’s portfolio in the Oberwallstrasse at Rent 24 Coworking where the first three episodes were released. With the combination of marble, wide stairs and modern, contemporary furnishings, the location represents a promising addition.

ExperiMENTAL shows that the highest level of creativity is attained when one’s stagnant tendencies are evoked. In the words of Spacebase, ‘‘The purpose of the web series, as well as the ethos of Spacebase are about breaking down the confines of traditional meetings, while congruently promoting innovation through environment’’. In addition, as Erin Westover, the Director of International Strategic Partnerships at Spacebase and co-creator of ExperiMENTAL puts forth ‘‘I would love to consult with universities on how to maximize the spaces they already have in order to make them more creative, as well as appeal to the different learning styles of their students’’.

So if you are on the lookout for a productive environment and seek a stimulating co-working space or are simply looking for solutions to conduct interactive meetings that stimulate your employees to participate, Spacebase brings to your doorstep the trendy work spaces and unconventional strategies to troubleshoot it all.

Read more about Spacebase and ExperiMENTAL at their website.

By Namrata Saha
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