Photograhy Workshop: The Story of Berlin

Everyone has a story and sometimes our stories are best told by others. And this extraordinary city has story of her own, this Berlin story is scattered everywhere in many shapes and forms.

Once, walking around in Kreuzberg, I bumped into an exhibition where movement, light and urban environment were delicately entangled on a few camera shots, portraying three different perceptions of  Berlin. The event turned out to be the last step of a workshop, presenting the works of three German photographers: Joerg C Jasper, Friederike Kronauer, Jan Radtke. The special thing was the process of capturing these pictures while working with another artist but expressing your own view. Each of them have different style but in the end, the small gallery seemed smoothly telling the Berlin stories, split into fragments…

The people behind the project, which made this possible are Dario Spoto, Berlin based photographer and filmmaker, and Fiona Valentine, visual artist. ‘‘We met on the corner, few months ago and we decided we can work together.‘‘ Dario says that this kind of workshop is a way of collaboration between the photographers in Berlin. ‘‘Together with Fiona we help them to bring the main idea for the future exhibition. But the thing is that we are not guides. Our responsibility is to advise them how to shape their own concept. We appreciate the potential and the creativity of the participants.“

Berlin stories was the first project of Facade Photography Berlin. Basically every person who has interest in the photography field can sign up and experience this. Even if you don’t recognize the story behind a picture, this project is a way to realise and explore that. The workshop lasts 5 weeks with an exhibition in the end.

‘‘We analise your pictures, we have meetings where we think about the colours, the concept and the style of your own photographs. We try to make the artists go further in their work.‘‘ say Dario and Fiona. But even for them, the whole process was a big challenge, because they had different point of view and many ideas. ‘‘There is always something else that could be done. We are asking the participants what do they want to say with a particular picture, why do they rely on this style, this atmosphere, etc.‘‘

The photographers who participated in the first Berlin stories workshop seemed satisfied with the result. ‘‘The whole process was madness, we went through a lot of phases of exploring the subject but finally we came up with our own vision. It was a very nice journey, step by step we created something together.‘‘

Get in touch with Facade Photography Berlin for the next workshop and create your photo story in collaboration.

By Teodora Atanasova

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