Free Ice Cream, Movies & The Right of Same Sex Marriage

Did somene say free ice cream and free movies? You already had me at ice cream, but adding the other wonderful words to that sentence made it perfect. On Tuesday, the 11th June 2017, Ben & Jerry’s organized the Ben & Jerry's YEStival at the Rummelsburg in Berlin to celebrate Germany’s new marriage equality.

On Friday 30th July 2017 the German parliament finally passed a long awaited bill: equal marriage rights for same sex couples. Long awaited for by the LGBTQ community. Since 2011, registered life partnerships for same sex couples has been permitted but they did not have the same rights like different sex couples, for example they were not allowed to adopt children. This has now all changed.

To support equal rights for everyone and celebrate this life changing event, Ben & Jerry’s chose the theme of their festival to be “Ehe für alle” - marriage for everyone. The festival was also held in Nürnberg, Hamburg and Cologne.

My friend and I arrived around 8pm, by then the event had already started and was well under way. It seemed impossible to get there. The trams and buses going in that direction were packed like sardine cans. They were so full, you couldn’t even see inside. So we had to choose the only other option: walk.

As we entered the festival, the first thing I noticed was the huge crowd of people standing in front of a blue van. I immediately knew there was the ice cream. We tried to get in line, but it seemed like it would take us forever to get to the front. So I decided to take a look around and check out what was on offer. They had a few stands where you could get merchandise, stickers and DIY bracelets. Considering this was movie night, free blankets were being handed out.

My friend was still standing in line when I got back but the line wasn’t any shorter. The movie was about to start and considering the huge amount of people still waiting for ice cream, the guys in the truck decided to speed up the process. They climbed up onto the van and started to throw ice cream packs at the crowd. I’ve never seen people get so having free ice cream thrown at them. I’m sure they don’t raise their hands like that at concerts.

After we got ourselves some ice cream and made it to the front of the line, we chose a spot to roll out our yoga mat and got comfortable. The movie started around 10pm after the sun had well and truly set.

We were treated to “Begin again”, a movie with Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo, a film I love and seen multiple times.

We decided to get back home the same way we came, on foot. But that was fine, we had to burn off those ice cream calories one way or the other.

By Andreea Dican
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