A REtreat in The Cinema: Another Way to Present Art

We shape. We change the context. The rhythm of life gives us different directions. This rhythm is ours. It becomes essential when it is shaped with voice, sound, gesture, picture, impulse presented on the screen. We share, so we explore… in retreat. Rhythm. Rhythm. Rhythm.

The annual REtreat Screening der Medienwerkstatt takes place for five hot days in the beginning of the Berlin summer, inside one of the dark halls of Kino Central Berlin. The event gives independent artists the chance to present their video works (not longer than 5 minutes) on a particular topic. But these films do not follow the usual screenplay we are used to. The traditional “plot” is missing; there is not just one understanding that we have to accept, as the films force us to perceive the films in another concept without a clear, linear message. Interaction occurs not just on the screen but within the audience who are observing and reacting to the films.

Three elements: light, movement and sound, are essential in recreating the retreat and breaking the limitations when exploring different subjects. The filmmaking process and the result of it seems more like an experiment taking place in a laboratory where the artist is free to use and mix all elements as they see fit.

The 7th edition of the Screening brought together artists with different background who have worked in diverse artistic fields. Part of the conception of this event is to give the opportunity for artist collaboration and discussion. Forty-seven artists from 13 different countries (Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, France, USA, Bulgaria, Poland, Macedonia, Austria, Brazil), share their work during the five day event. Before the Screening in Kino Central 2017, some of the pieces used to be “alive” only in the art gallery context.

Most of the films are made with the support of Medienwerkstatt im Kulturwerk des bbk Berlin a media workshop in Berlin that support visual artists. There are available working spaces, variety of tools, from Greenbox to cameras, editing, film transferring and many opportunities for networking between the artists who work there. Screening im Kino Central is just of the events where artists showcase their talent.

The workshops of Medienwerkstatt are open for all artists who want to learn more about different forms of media and experience various types of art. Follow the links to find out more information about the artists and the workshops.

By Teodora Atanasova

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