Sandra Becker: Another kind of Screening

It is interesting sometimes how people match with each other to find another meaning in the context. Hundreds of artist all over the world struggle bureaucracy and flat searching to come in Berlin for new dose of inspiration and ideas. But once you are here, it is no wonder that you can find your way and support to present you art…

 Recently I have met Sandra Becker, a Berlin based artist and filmmaker, at one of the Open Screenings in Sputnik Kino, where she had presented part of her documentary “Lift 01”. The film is developed on the interviews of mothers from different background. “I want to encourage and make them feel understood. A woman from Yemen once told me that the women in Germany don’t have rights. It was interesting how she was mirroring the situation. She was completely covered but she claimed that once you have your degree, you can make a career. As being an engineer, she claimed that encouraging and teaching young women is very important to her.”

Back in the time, Sandra started making films through theater and stage design. “I studied with filmmakers. It was really difficult and expensive to do a movie, also back then, and I always worked on the idea of showing someone else’s perception, so it didn’t take me long to decide that I want to do my own projects.” She admits that it is difficult to be alternative filmmaker and do short videos in exhibition context, but it is worth it. “My experience shows that there are two ways to do art. One of them is to go the usual mainstream way, which is also very hard, you have huge competition. But you have to know that there are other ways to be successful and show your work. The point is that it is not so important to have big audience but to engage people who enjoy your movies. And sometimes this way is much more efficient, you learn and experience a lot. ”

Her belief for exchanging ideas and contributing with each other led her to the Screening of Medienwerkstatt. The event is an open stage for every artist who wants to do something outside the box. Sandra says that she wants to “show the other artists that the competition is not essential in this non-commercial field. We really learn from each other and that is the perfect way for future projects.”
The sixth edition of the Screening is this week, presenting 47 international artists. “The subject is Retreat, which is more connected with our roots, our own personal background.” Sandra admits that every artist is fighting for much more freedom of expression and the Screening is an opportunity to involve all these different ideas and share them with the audience.

 “Many people say that they have never seen this kind of art in the cinema, because it is not ordinary. In the mainstream movies you have a plot, but here it is more about interacting and exploring a concrete subject.”
Moreover, Medienwerkstatt is unique place in Berlin where you can realize your own video project if you don’t have the tools.  “It is for artists who what to do something different”, says Sandra.

Join the Screening im Kino Central 2017 from 29th of May till 2nd of June, everyday from 5p.m. The event is open for everybody. A piece of work from Sandra Becker is presented on Monday.

By Teodora Atanasova

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