be’kech Berlin’s First "Anti-Café" is Opening its Doors

In the heart of Berlin- Wedding, on Exerzierstr. 14, prepare to explore the innovative anti-café and coworking-space “b​e’kech​”​. The new concept cafe will open it’s doors on June 23rd.

be’kech indulges its guests with a modish aesthetic and relaxed atmosphere. In the home of a former casino, this new anti-café welcomes patrons with the scent of coffee, calling weary legs to rest among Moroccan-inspired oriental seating and vintage GDR furnishings. The co-working space also boasts charming corner libraries (with books from around the world) and an open terrace that invites visitors to linger.

But what truly sets be’kech apart from the rest is the fact that guests only pay for their time. Other than that, everything is free. For only 5 cents per minute, guests can help themselves to a locally produced, vegan/vegetarian buffet, drink bottomless cups of coffee and utilize the lightning-fast WiFi connection. In addition, the space is equipped with a meeting room, printer, scanner, and other office tools. The team at be’kech also provides consulting sessions and hosts workshops held by an international network of experts, doers, makers and (social) entrepreneurs.

Unlike normal cafes, the anti-cafe encourages collaboration rather than consumption​. For thoseinterested in the next generation of coworking spaces, be’kech offers tailored and affordable membership plans.

“We know that feeling of sipping on one cup of cappuccino for hours, just so you can linger in a café foras long as possible. Well, we just want our guests to have a good time, be productive and relax without any kind of pressure.” - Selim

The space will entertain workshops, film screenings, exhibitions, readings and music events. The first event will occur on opening night, Friday, June 23rd​, at 6pm​ with the finest and groovy tunes by Yes’in. The founders are Louna Sbou, a cultural manager and entrepreneur of Moroccan-descent, and Nina Martin, a design thinker and social entrepreneur from the heart of Berlin. With the support of Turkish designer and partner, Selim Özadar, be’kech has adopted an atmosphere of productivity, creativity and

It’s a whole new way to spend your time. 

be’kech Anti-Café - ​Exerzierstr. 14 - 13357 Berlin
Phone​: +49 (0)30 25 74 82 25 - Opening hours:​ Mon-Sun: 09 a.m. - open end
Facebook​: - Web​: - Mail​:

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