Kicki in acoustic Berlin

Berlin is not a city of stereotypes even if we want to put in a box sometimes, just to define it. Berlin is not just about clubbing all day and night. Probably we are all familiar with the techno scene and we all know about Berghain but… this city doesn‘t finish with it.

There is something special about Berlin that you are able to feel when you start to explore the hidden bars, where you can appreciate the vibrant athmosphere and the live music inside. Moreover, absolutely no stereotypes in the way musicians express their message to the audience in these places.

Once I bumped into an acoustic live performance of Kicki, Berlin based musician and songwriter and her guitarist Daiki. Delicate and captivating, the whole concert was interaction between the  people in the bar because in these places there is no particular border: audience/artist. Kicki says that herself about the live performances: ‘‘I always try to be with the people who are listening to me. There was a time when I had some serious stage frights. Once, when I had to sing a song of Lana Del Ray, I forgot the lyrics... It took me three years to go back. But now, as soon as I get on stage, I feel the atmosphere and I enjoy it. It is amazing when people are listening to your music. I had a concert few weeks ago and people were singing my songs. Honestly, this is the best feeling ever!‘‘

Her path began two years ago when she decided to start her solo project. ‘‘I have always liked to do music and it happened that a friend of mine asked me to become part of a band. Then I started going to lessons and writing music. I can describe my style as a mix of jazz and soul.‘‘
Kicki finds inspiration in musicians like Amy Winehouse and Otis Redding but she says that it will be interesting for her to collaborate with a beatboxer or with a rapper. ‘‘I am very open to see how it is going to work. I really like to collaborate with other artists, but sometimes it is very hard to find people with whom you can work constantly.‘‘
But in Berlin there is always this issue how to be different, how to attract attention. ‘‘It is difficult to be something special, people have seen everything. I can go on stage on fire, being naked and people would accept it as something regular.‘‘ So then is it really worth it to be a new artist here? Kicki admits that Berlin is overloaded, but that inflames you to show your personal style and go out of the box. ‘‘For example, in Magdeburg (where I had a concert) people are much more attentive to the music. But still, there is a great inspiration to be in Berlin!‘‘

The singer says that sometimes people can fall into this cliche of a blonde and sweet girl when they see her on stage, but actually her deep and husky voice surprises the audience and differs her style from the other musicians.

So how can you manage to accomplish your dream through all these stereotypes? Kicki is sure that ‘‘if you really want to do something, you just do it! Don’t care so much what people will tell you. It is easy to say that, but your closest people will support you anyway. I really like people who try to have unconventional lifestyle. People who just do things!‘‘
Oh… and what does ‘Kicki means‘? ‘‘It is the first word that I have said, even before saying mama.‘‘

Artists like Kicki prove that in Berlin you go for this freedom of expression - in music, in style, in choice. There is no stereotype in connecting people through music. Take your trip to the hidden bars and explore the acoustic part of Berlin... It is worth it.

You can see more from Kicki here ( Stay tuned! 

By Teodora Atanasova

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