DEEP WAVES: A Dhygital Dance-tech Performance

INNATIVE LAB presents DEEP WAVES, a phygital and multi-disciplinary performance that engages art, science, technology and design. Combining the physical and digital into an immersive experience, DEEP WAVES adapts ancient rituals with today’s technology to explore primal ways of connecting.

Using a neurosensing headband developed by Berlin tech start-up, Neurofox, one of the performer’s brainwaves are transformed into visuals, while the other’s movements are sonified through a motion tracking device embedded in the costume, so that they can create the audiovisual landscape of the performance in real-time, making the invisible waves around us, visible.

Going back to their Colombian roots, the performers took the “doble yo” (The Double Me) concept from the pre-Columbian San Agustin culture as their standpoint. Most often depicted as the figure of a naked standing warrior, with on top of its human head, the head of a jaguar, it symbolises the magical power of the shaman.

This creature embodies duality: Male and Female, Matter and Spirit, Rational and Instinctive. This sense of dichotomy fuels the piece. DEEP WAVES creates interactions between the Universal and Native, North and South, Mainstream and Subculture, Origin and Migration.

Although the digital era only appeared at the last second in the day of human evolution, DEEP WAVES uses these new tools to reflect on how important it is to create new rituals to reach, once again, that state when Mankind’s connection with nature was more tangible, its intuition better developed and its culture gave more emphasis to human interaction.

In this day and age of global warming, ecological catastrophes and cultural genocides, dystopian fears seem like visions of times to come, leaving Man as the sole prospect for the planet’s recovery, which is why it is ever so pressing for us to achieve such primordial ways of connecting.

DEEP WAVES premieres on:

April 8th at 8pm at the Mine Centrum Berlin,
Kunstquartier Bethanien,
Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin


INNATIVE LAB is a research platform which bring together artists, designers and scientists to develop a multichannel approach to creativity.

Parting from the fields of contemporary dance, performance art, neuroscience, sensing technology, sound art, visual art and FashTech, INNATIVE LAB thinks of its experimental collaborations as ways of breaking the borders between disciplines.

Based on the obsolete word for ‘native’, sharing roots with ‘innate’, reminiscent of ‘innovative’, INNATIVE LAB takes the standpoint that ancient knowledge can be assimilated with new technologies to create modern praxes.

Media contact & Reservation:

Jessica Bush
+49 (0) 1 578 701 6725

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