The Selfie Generation: Kai Stuhts` Creative Caravan

The art patriot and celebrity photographer Kai Stuht would like to take his successful Portrait Only photo concept onto a double-decker bus and drive it throughout the world! In the „Selfie Generation“ it‘s normal to photograph yourself in everyday life and upload the photos to social networks. The „Selfie Generation“ is the presentation of the individual self, and knows no age limit.

Increasingly, however, fewer people have well-staged, creative and unique photos of themselves. This is where Creative Caravan comes in. At the biggest and most popular events, Creative Caravan will be there to inspire people. The historic, technically updated Berliner double-decker bus with a bar, photo studio and lounge comes to you, wherever you have it booked. At events, festivals, trade fairs and concerts, we make anything possible. We're taking our successful photo concept to the next level: a historic, technically updated berliner double-decker bus with a bar and lounge. The Creative Caravan will be available for bookings for events, festivals, trade fairs and concerts, and will offer everyone the possibility to upload their photos to social networks - in only 5 minutes.

To help us realise this project, we‘re offering the Creative Caravan from 08.02.2017 to 31.03.2017 at half of the normal booking price! When you book the Creative Caravan now for May 2017 and pay up front, you will save 50%. For 2,500€ (instead of 5,000€), the Creative Caravan will come for a day to your city, no matter where you are in Germany. Included is our photo team, styling, and photo delivery.

Kai Stuht and his team will snap well-staged, creative and unique photos in only 5 minutes and in all life situations, and these can be immediately uploaded to social networks. Most of all, Kai Stuht wants to take artistic photos of people and creatively interpret their individual beauty. For this he has gathered a large collection of clothing and costumes to dress up in, which makes a star out of every customer.

With Creative Caravan we want to bring this creative and individual attitude to the whole world, stamped with freedom, tolerance and openness. We see ourselves as art patriots supporting the Berlin lifestyle, and we are supported by world stars who stand behind this great project.

Creative Caravan`s campaign on StartNext

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