Thomas Scheibitz & Max Dax on Abstraction & Music

On the occasion of the exhibition “My Abstract World” the art and music publicist Max Dax and the artist Thomas Scheibitz will talk about abstraction and the close association between art and music.

The idea of abstraction is rooted in the way we perceive the world around us, but can’t be compared to the unconsciousness of seeing. The parallelism between abstraction and the earthbound perception of objects, persons and situations is evident, while the visual trace of reality becomes invisible in an abstract image. Thomas Scheibitz’ works are mostly abstractions of objects from the real world. His paintings are neither imitations nor witnesses of reality, but can be understood as modifications of pre-existing images. When painting Thomas Scheibitz is listening to music. About the song “shit storm” by the Melvins Scheibitz says: “I cover reality like the Melvins cover Pink Floyd to the point it’s no longer recognisable. They created a new, radical form.”

Max Dax created a soundtrack of the exhibition “My Abstract World” with songs that are connected to selected paintings from the exhibition. He set about contacting the artists and asked whether there is a direct personal relationship between music and painting. Elsewhere he explores the association that bridge the gap between picture and music. The result is a selection of 14 songs, which visitors can listen to via the “me Collectors Room”-App.

Admission for the event and exhibition: 7 € / Reduced: free
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me Collectors Room Berlin / Olbricht Foundation   
Karen Speier 
Fon 030 860085 -123, Fax -120

My Abstract World, installation view, 2016 © me Collectors Room, Photo Bernd Borchardt

Thomas Scheibitz, Ohne Titel (Kugel), 2002 © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2016, Photo Illmari Kalkkinen

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