Germany 2071, the National Monument at the 2016 Foreign Affairs Festival

We are tourists in the birthplace of the New German Republic in 2071. A building that morphed throughout time from parliamentary use to a castle, a museum, a library, a university, a ruin, a shelter for war, a symbol of the nation.  It was bombed, shattered, rebuilt, remodeled, and resurrected. As a part of the central theme of ‘Uncertainty’ 2016 Foreign Affairs Festival by Berliner Festspiele, the Oklahoma Theater is centered by directors Pavol Liska and Kelly Copper, who conveyed a series of theater plays to be simultaneously put together as an art film—shot backward! Similar to Synechdoche New York, metaphors such as performed life, nationalism, pride, humanity, fear, and destruction led the way in a radical, yet familiar picture of the future.

The year 2071 portrays a world where humans will be unequipped for working.  Only robots, machines, and artificial intelligence will be able to engage in the physicality of labor.

As tourists, the main attraction is the exhibition of ‘real workers’. They perform labor for us.

Shot with the audience, behind the scenes both directors and actors struggled between visualizing and empathizing with their characters, the fellow human.

By Eliza Marin

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