The Dots in Neukölln: Stylish, Contemporary & Cozy

Dots is an inconspicuous delight amongst the dive bars along Weserstraße in Neukölln. The stylish third-wave interior kitted out with contemporary art, hanging plants, beautiful concrete floors and exposed light hangings prove the space can be both a showroom and a cozy café.

Equipped with free WIFI, the café is frequented by freelancers and visitors to the area taking advantage of the artistic space. Owners Mesut and Corinna don’t seem to mind though and they can be seen wandering in and out themselves. They are dedicated to sharing their ideas about organic food, in German and English, and are happy to strike up a conversation with those interested.

The food is simple yet amazing. The chevre toasty is a standout item. Full of bold textures like onion chutney, pear, and goat cheese, it’s extremely strong yet balanced. The use of organic products is clear in every product, from the scrumptious cakes and chia puddings on display to the cured salmon and potato hash dishes, every product has been carefully selected.

Recently, I tried some of the breakfast options on offer. I opted for the pancakes and the Jacques breakfast: a soft-boiled egg served with toasted sourdough, tomato slices, capsicum dip, and wonderfully strong cheddar slices.

Most notable are the variety of egg dishes and visitors are spoilt for choice. There’s the salmon and potato egg nest (I ate it too quickly to take photos!) to the truffle poached egg served with dipping Turkish bread (also eaten too quickly). The food is oh-so-cheap considering everything is organic with prices ranging from €2 for snacks to €15 for heartier meals. The other cafes in the area could certainly learn a thing or two from Dots.

The coffee on offer is delicate and comes from Café Libertad, a collective from Hamburg that sources coffee from Mexico through a fair trade agreement. Unlike the food, the coffee is lighter with a smooth and velvety texture. A long black will whet your appetite and the tartness of the espresso will linger on your tongue. The milk coffees are creamy and delightfully foamy, however, with such vivid food flavors, a lighter roasted coffee isn’t a bad idea.

Although the infamous namesake dots graffitied on the building’s exterior have now been painted over thanks to renovations, your nose will follow the smells of freshly baked cheesecake and warm toast and find its way to the cafe. If in doubt, just look for the long line running down Weserstraße at 10am.

Dots | Weserstraße 191, Neukölln
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00-18:00; Sat & Sun 9:00-19:00

by Ella King
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