Chaotic Futures at the 2016 Foreign Affairs Festival

The year 2071 will see Berlin in chaotic upheaval. It will see frightened children and adults alike running around in their mismatched pyjamas in broad daylight, skirting around cars and grass. It will see varicoloured smoke embellishing a dystopian aesthetic as envisioned by critically acclaimed performance and theatre art directors Pavol Liska and Kelly Copper. It will see a demographic of what appears to be mostly middle-class white folk. And it will likely be spectacular.

There’s a myth that Berlin was built on a swamp. So for the sake of a clean wrap-up, it only makes sense that this city meets its demise in a swamp. In 2071, an unseeable swamp monster will cause panic and upset in Berliners, and I got a chance at a brief glimpse of this bleak future.

 As a part of the 2016 Foreign Affairs Festival by Berliner Festspiele, with the overarching theme of Uncertainty, the Oklahoma Nature Theatre attempts to break the paradigm of performance art as passive entertainment to make their most interactive initiative to date. Enjoy the photos below: a sneak peak into our uncertain future, the future of our beloved city, and a return to our swampy roots, as unstable and unstructured as time itself. ​

Words & Photos by Sandy Di Yu
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