Cindy Sherman Visits Berlin - me collectors rooms

Inhabiting the gray area between what is plausible and the absurd,  what is fact and what is fiction, American artist Cindy Sherman takes on the role of both actress and photographer, subject and object in her own works. Celebrating her legacy as a champion of charade, the me collectors rooms in Mitte is featuring 65 pieces from the Olbricht collection in a special exhibition running through to April.

The exhibition features works from all periods of her wide-spanning career including Sherman’s most well known black-and-white Untitled Film Stills of the 70s. It also includes short films from the artist’s archives and documentaries following Sherman as she works. Blended between the large and bright garish Clown series of the 90s and the opulent Society Portraits from the early 2000s featuring non-specific women draped in jewels and chiffon, lies the smaller, pornographic sex pictures of the 90s where the omission of subject leaves images of dismembered mannequins and scattered prosthetics in view.

Encouraging debate about female roles by way of social and cultural stereotypes, her work invites audiences to deconstruct a contemporary analysis of the struggles and power of the female form. Casting herself as women of drag, wealthy society and plastic princesses to provocative centerfold Playboys, homemakers and 1940’s damsels, Sherman’s sometimes vacant and sad portraiture evokes a vulgar display of the symbolisation of women in modern society.

Through forms of cinema, advertising and photography Cindy Sherman’s portraits highlight emotional responses and re-examines the role of women in history and society through uncanny self-portraiture of cliché 20th century popular culture.  Explicit and grotesque Sherman’s images are open to interpretation and despite not considering herself a feminist; the reality of female objectification vehemently obvious in her pieces is often described as feminist. Travelling the world, these works are truly original and are not to be missed this time around in Berlin.

Price €7.00
At the me collectors rooms from 16.09.2015 – 10.04.2016

By Ella King 

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