Chipperfield Kantine: Lunch and Architecture

Impeccably designed, effortlessly curated and minimalist in every sense, David Chipperfield Architect offices bring a fresh breath of creativity and affordable fine dining to the the vacant block between Mitte’s Auguststraße and Linienstraße.

With a worldwide reputation, Chipperfield has designed buildings such as the recent redevelopment of the Neues Museum, as well as restoration projects in New York and London, which have won numerous design awards. The philosophy: to design social and intellectual cohesion through architecture using creative and simple ideas. And so fitting is the location and design features of the Berlin office where both the interior and exterior pays flawless attention to minimalist-clean design with a focus on the smallest of details including the importance of lunch.

Far from a canteen, Kantine is one of the best lunch spots in the city offering delicious, simple dishes perfect for the middle of the day. Often used as a breakout spot for business lunches and conferences held in the adjacent workspace, it is possible to visit Kantine off the street any day and have the entire short but charming menu still available. A plethora of fresh, self-service bread is available on the bar along with chunks of crystallised sea salts and black pepper.

The food is traditional German with a modern spin on kartoffelsalat, stroganoff and hearty soups and salads that change daily depending on what is in season. Like the design, the food is stripped back but precise and full of intense, simplistic flavours. Careful and deliberate detail is considered with the structure, food and design but so too in the Alessi crockery and cutlery harmoniously succinct with the surrounding serene, minimal design of Scandinavian style oak woods and white canvas.

The open-kitchen is separated from the small dining space (with a smaller space upstairs above the kitchen) by a dominant concrete bar, juxtaposed against the large floor to roof panorama doors and surrounded by the empowering, overarching poured concrete floors, walls and roof proving the possibility of endless shades of grey.

Open Mon–Fri 8.30–19.00, Kantine is a great spot to eat a hearty lunch and explore the world of modern architecture in Berlin.

Joachimstraße 11A, 10119 Berlin

By Ella King

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