What's New: Our Event Guide For This October

Festival of Lights

The annual festival of lights returns this October, so expect to see your favourite Berlin monuments lit up and surrounded by an inordinate number of tourists during the second week of October. Local and international artists will be utilizing the famous sites as canvases on which to project their temporary works. And for the really keen, the LightSeeing tours offer an in-depth look at the festival.

Festival of Lights: 9-18 October at various spots in the city. Free.

The Green Market Fall Edition

One of the city’s finest vegetarian and vegan markets returns this month with its autumn event, bringing together food, beauty products, fashion, gifts and a whole host of other veggie and vegan friendly produce. This is the kind of event geared towards green-eaters who know that making ethical lifestyle choices doesn’t mean an ascetic lifestyle (read: there will be doughnuts).

The Green Market: 10-11 October - Arena Berlin, Eichenstraße 4. Entry 2€.  

Juten Tach Refugees

Following Hamburg’s hugely successful Moin Moin Refugees event last month, the 31 October will see a huge charity-event-come-street-party arrive in Berlin. Expect food, drinks, music and a surprising degree of corporate support, with all proceeds from the event going towards supporting the refugee situation as the city’s people organise in aid of its newest residents. The event aims to unite, mobilize and fundraise, and promises to be a great party to boot.

Juten Tach Refugees: 31 October from 9pm - Rathausstraße 1. Free.

Workshop: Pitch in 60 Seconds

As Europe’s uncontested king of startups, Berlin is brimming with would-be entrepreneurs looking to get their million-dollar idea off the ground. Trouble for many of them is they have no idea how to deliver the “elevator pitch”--for those outside the startup bubble, an elevator pitch is a super short pitch (of your idea) to a potential investor, ostensibly as a long as an elevator ride. Help is at hand via Pitch-e, a monthly workshop designed to hone exactly that skill. Learn the art of business storytelling and present your ideas to the group.

Pitch in 60 Seconds: 14 October 7-10pm - Betahaus, Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20. Free, register online.

The Consciousness of Mental States Lecture 

Berlin School of Mind and Brain Distinguished Lecture Series brings you David Rosenthal of City University of New York (CUNY) in a free lecture which will address the progress in our understanding of what it means to be conscious with a focus on the philosophical, neurological and psychological and the difficulty in defining a concept from which we are incapable of removing ourselves. Expect lively debate, intriguing examples and a mind-boggling tour of the inside of your brain. What? We can be highbrow too.

Distinguished Lecture Series - Berlin School of Mind and Brain (HU Berlin): 29 October 6-8pm - Luisenstraße 56 Festsaal, 2nd floor. Free. 

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