Perfect Ideas & Spots in Berlin to Score a Date

So you just secured your next Tinder date and now want to woo them properly? Or maybe you finally found the courage to ask out your supermarket crush out. Don’t go Googling best date ideas just yet. Close that Yelp tab on your laptop, because we got you covered! Here are five fun date ideas for five of Berlin’s hottest neighborhoods. Yes, we did forget Marzahn—get over it!


DUDU | Torstraße 134
It’s true, DUDU is hardly a well-kept secret anymore, but did you know their lunch menu is the best deal you can get? For less than 8€ you’ll have a starter plus main course not to mention you will be able to indulge in the restaurant’s heavenly food—to be fair, you should end your date right here and head straight to their place.


Got yourself a Prenzlauer Berg hottie? First off, make sure they’re not bringing their kids to tag along. To be honest, the only thing you should be doing in this neighborhood is having brunch. And guess what? There are so many options!

Blumencafé | Schönhauser Allee 127
If you want to come across as a cutie, bring them to Blumencafé because the waiter there is hilarious, which will prevent any first-date awkwardness. Also, they have tons of plants and actual birds flying around, so what’s not to like?

Nalu Diner | Dunckerstraße 80A
Another option would be Nalu Diner—they serve a mean mimosa and delicious comfort food.

Eispatisserie Hokey Pokey | Stargarder Straße 73
And once you’re done, take them around the corner to Hokey Pokey and watch your date moan in delight while indulging in these delicious scoops of ice cream. You’re welcome!


Ahhh, Kreuzberg. Rule number one would be: don’t have your date meet you at Kotti—it’s hardly the most glamorous place to be standing to wait for someone. Instead, just be really old fashioned and pick them up. Or ask them to pick you up if you’re the one who calls this wonderfully eccentric part of Berlin your home.

Mercosy | Dresdener Straße 11
Start with dinner at Mercosy, an awesome Korean food joint located off the beaten path. Service here is top notch, food has winning portion sizes, and it’s just casual enough for a first date.

Fahimi Bar | Skalitzer Straße 133
After dinner, head on over to Fahimi Bar for some delicious cocktails. This hidden gem will be a perfect touch, especially if your date isn’t familiar with Berlin. And if they are, they will be impressed that you’re in the know when it comes to the ins and outs of the city’s cocktail bars, because this place is a classic.


A resident of Neukölln is hard to please, but if you’re the one who is lucky enough to live there, here’s your chance to properly dazzle your date. Honestly, there are so many cool places to choose my best suggestion would be to take a stroll along Weserstraße and turn it into a pub crawl—only way cooler. Start off at TiER for the best cocktails, then make a stop at Späti International for an impromptu mini bottle of Jägermeister. There’s also a bar right next to TiER which has amazing 1€ Mexikaner, so be sure to pay them a visit too. After that, jaunt over to Geist im Glas on Lenaustraße for more drinks, and make sure you drink a Wegbier while heading there.


First of all, note that Wedding is underrated and has been for a long long time now. But there’s still plenty opportunity to impress.

Meet your date for Friday night dinner at Grüntaler9, a performance space that hosts a weekly supper club every Friday. Here you’ll experience an amazing vegetarian or vegan meal for about 4€ and drink cheap beer while either just meeting cool peeps or watching a concert or performance. Wrap up your night at Fos Bar or at one of the other cute places you’ll find on this street.


If you’re about to meet up with a posh Charlottenburg babe, don’t sweat it and just do as we say.

C/O Berlin 
Meet them at Bahnhof Zoologischer Garten, casually mention the fact you’ve seen Christiane F. (or go out of your way and say you’ve read the book to score extra cleverness-points from the start), and then head to C/O Berlin. This exhibition space reopened after relocating to Charlottenburg’s Amerika-Haus so there’s a good chance your date won’t have seen the new location yet. Take a look at the photography exhibitions that are happening, give their museum shop a visit and maybe buy your date a cute postcard if you’re feeling generous.

Next, try and think of a clever review of the shows you just saw while you’re walking towards Kurfürstendamm and then head straight to the retail/gastronomy/hotel complex Bikini Berlin. Find the right elevator—good luck with that—and visit rooftop venue Monkey Bar for a cocktail. Pro tip: all the food on the menu is overpriced and in reality just except the sweet potato fries. Do order them! What happens next is up to you but know that there’s a hotel attached to the bar #justsaying.

By Camille Darroux

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