4 Berlin Club Nights You NEED to Know About

1. Bodyrole

The quirky, creative minds behind Bodyrole, a club night which started earlier this year, featured Lotic headlining their first event—talk about setting the bar high! Their imagery says a lot about them: they are obsessed with today’s pop culture, worship the internet and are using SoundCloud the way Myspace was back in the old days, discovering and booking the hottest acts for your listening pleasure. Their last event, which took place at Chesters, featured Chilean reggaeton singer Tomasa Del Real who performed an only a 15-minute gig because, well, she didn’t have more material yet. What really sets them apart is their uncompromising taste which they put to good use by collaborating with the most interesting people, such as the youngsters behind Mainz-based collective Sucuk und Bratwurst or fashion label cunt13. Their next event is scheduled for September 4th – don’t miss out. Or keep your eyes peeled for the next ones!

2. WeBoogie

WeBoogie was founded a few years ago and has been hosting quality events ever since. Their hearts beat for the bass and their sound is a joyful combination of pop, hip-hop and electronic music. In the past they have teamed up with super cool French music label ClekClekBoom and have quite a flair for throwing unforgettable parties. Oh, and did we mention most of their events include pizza? If the idea of dancing to smooth beats while stuffing your face with gooey, melted cheese doesn’t make you salivate in anticipation—I feel bad for you, son.

3. Noisekölln

Founded in 2010, Noisekölln is a monthly event that does a great job promoting some amazing acts. Their parties rotate between diverse venues such as Acud Macht Neu and Griessmühle and include both club nights and concerts. Today, Noisekölln is also a label releasing mindblowing tapes with the founder’s own taste as sole curatorial guide. This event started out guerrilla-style in a pre-gentrified Neukölln basement that could only accommodate 20 people and wants to be the answer to “all that branded, sponsored bullshit parties”. Sounds good to us!

4. UnReaL

UnReaL is the perfect embodiment of Berlin’s dark, edgy, health-goth vibe. The collective behind this online magazine slash party series comprises the coolest people you can imagine, and they have made it their mission to open your musical mind by presenting you with the next big things. Think of them as the cooler older sister you never had. Past headliners include Mykki Blanco and Cakes Da Killa as well as a myriad of incredible genre-nonspecific artists you wish you hadn’t missed out on.

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