What’s New? Our Event Guide For This August

PHOTO: : Camera4/ISTAF. 

A new look at East and West

For the photographer Rudi Meisel, the lifestyles of those living in East and West Germany in the 1970s and 80s were not as different as might be imagined. Meisel was one of the few West German photographers permitted to travel to the GDR and document everyday life there. Compatriots 1977-1987 Two Germanys will assemble 80 of Meisel’s photographs of both West and East Germany, juxtaposing both sides for the first time.
‘Compatriots 1977-1987 Two Germanys’ opens at C/O Berlin on 22 August and runs until 1 November. Tickets: 8€/4€.

Long Night of the Museums

Night owls no longer have an excuse for missing out on the vast collection of museums that Berlin has to offer. For one night only, museums, collections, archives, memorials and exhibition houses will open their doors until well past midnight. For more seasoned visitors, the night presents the rare opportunity to see their favourite cultural hotspots in a quite literal different light.
‘Long Night of the Museums’ will take place across Berlin on 29 August. Visit their website for further details.

Project Space Festival

The art scene kicks things up a gear this August via Project Space Festival. This month, 30 artists will host events in 30 different project spaces and given the opportunity to realise their artistic vision inside 24 hours. The specifics of the event are going to be unveiled on a daily basis, so the only way to keep yourself up to date is to pay a visit to the website, which reveals each event the day before.
Project Space Festival has events every day in August; you can keep up to date with the daily project space at the website: projectspacefestival-berlin.com


ISTAF returns to Berlin for its annual sporting extravaganza at the start of September. Bringing together some of the world’s top athletes for a one day event at the Olympicstadion (better known as home to Hertha BSC). Now, while we pride ourselves in bringing you only cool and alternative events, ISTAF gets a shout this month because it's a world-class sporting event with tickets for 9€, which embodies a kind of Berlin asceticism we approve of. Join the 50,000 expected visitors to see the world’s best in Berlin.
ISTAF is held on 6 September and tickets are available online at www.istaf.de starting from 9€.

Berlin Atonal

For those that like their music melodious and their nights out predictable, Berlin Atonal is probably not ideal. But for Berliners with an ear for the adventurous, this five day celebration of experimental music is not to be missed. Housed inside Kraftwerk Mitte, a former power station turned performance space with incredible acoustics, Berlin Atonal is set to bring together artists like Ryo Murakami, Shed and ENA together for five nights of incredible experimental music.
Berlin Atonal runs from 19-23 August at Kraftwerk Mitte - Köpernickerstraße 70. Tickets start at 21.40€, book online at www.berlin-atonal.com

Middle Earth Comes To Waldbühne

As if we still haven’t reached peak-Hobbit, Middle Earth is coming to Berlin! Courtesy of more than 100 artists, performers and die-hard fans of Lord of the Rings can enjoy the Waldbühne as J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth. Expect films, concerts, plays and other performances during this one day spectacular - a tribute to Tolkien’s timeless classics. What? Geek is chic now, OK?
Middle Earth Berlin is at the Waldbühne: Glockenturmstraße 1 on 23 August from 2.30pm.

By Sarah Coughlan
Sarah Coughlan is the managing editor of Berlin Logs.You can find her at: www.bulletproofed.org where she hides her academic proofreading business.

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