Prenzlauer Berg: Eat For 4€ This Lunchtime

Even Prenzlauer Berg can be cheap as chips if you know where to look. Escaping from the daily grind every lunch time means I have grown familiar with the streets surrounding U-Bahnhof Eberswalderstrase. It’s no secret that P’berg is the gentrified, yummy mummy upmarket queen of the capital, but that you can bag more than a Brötchen or two for your 4€ is perhaps less well known. Its café culture eat your heart out. But check out what doesn’t eat up your savings…

Fast Rabbit / Eberswalder Str. 1

Not only the fastest but most tasty vegan food about. An offering of wraps, rolls, soups, salads and smoothies await you. The combos on offer provide the perfect lunch meal deal but all you need to satisfy your hunger is the Salat Teller. By far the most impressive salad I have ever eaten.  And it sure does fill a hole what with bread included for the 4€.
Get more than your five a day with this fun and fancy beetroot, mushroom, couscous, cauliflower and hummus packed salad plate.

Pane e vino/ Kastanienallee 2

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to Italian food in Berlin, this pizza place wins hands down based on value for money.  The cheap and cheerful cheese is served on the perfect stone oven crust.
But it’s not just the margarita that’s a bargain. Load your dough up with Parma ham, rocket, mozzarella or spicy sausage and pay the grand total of 3.90€.  Even if you’re no pizza fan this menu offers an extensive range of 3.90€ dishes including whopping great portions of salad. Soak up the atmosphere in this buzzing Italian local.

Aceto lokanta/ Kastanienallee 29

Next door but two, there is some stiff Italian competition on Kastanianallee. Pizzas, gnocchi, risotto and omelettes priced identically to its neighbour, there is little difference between these two. At 3.90€ (or 2.90€ if you like a fuss free pizza) the price is right. Admittedly lacking the Italian authenticity that Pane e Vino creates, it does, however, send you on your way with an extra load of carbohydrates with their free freshly baked bread rolls. When hunger strikes, this is the place for you and your grumbling stomach.

Chickpeas and friends/ Schönhauser Allee 44

Put Falafel Friday in the diary and tell all your friends. This is another no brainer. schawarma or falafel, you can fill your pitta to the brim from just 3€. And then go crazy at the salad buffet to top it off. It’s fresh and it’s homemade – and just ridiculously good.

Oishii dog/ Schönhauser Allee 65

This place is barking. A bit of a wild card and slightly over budget at 4.50€ but this place is one of a kind. Expect a hot dog crossbreed where Japanese and American cultures meet slap bang in the middle of a big sesame topped bun.  Choose a culture clash dog topped with the likes of shiso, wakame, teriyaki or sauerkraut to keep the locals happy. You can go vegan, veggie or double the meat if you so desire. Whatever dog tickles your adventurous taste buds, you will not be disappointed when you see the sushi boat it’s served in!

By Alice Higgins
Alice joined the Berlin start up scene in July 2014 and works for an online travel company. Originally from London UK, she swapped one capital for another and now details her latest discoveries on DiaryDE.

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