Spots for Two Types of Date Nights in Berlin

So there’s the kind of date where you want to luxuriate in the company of your wonderful new friend, and the kind of date that has you out in the open, without making leaving early an issue. As such, I’ve sourced two completely different date night locations. The first is for a tried-and-test beau, the second is for when you’ve swiped right and landed a Tinder hottie, but don’t know if you’ll, y’know, like them.

Ein Laden: For a Proper Date – Wesenstrasse 208, Berlin

Sometimes you just need a place where you can be incognito and just enjoy a cup of coffee or a nice dinner for some real alone time. A place where you can talk all night or just look at the people who are passing by. Ein Laden is such a place. This small restaurant in Neuköln has a lot to offer. You can have have a muesli breakfast in the morning, but for the hungry, you can also take a cheese breakfast with fruit, vegetables and homemade marmalade. Vegan? No problem! They offer a vegan antipasti breakfast. Dinner is also recommended. They offer soup, salads, pasta, fish and much more. If you are a health freak, this is the place to be, because you get a lot of vegetables on your plate and many innovative health drinks drinks. Many of their products are homemade.

During the hot summer days, you can enjoy your meal or drink outside. If you do, don't forget to take a look inside. The kitchen looks very authentic and fairytale-ish. You are able to see the cook working through the windows. The waiters are friendly and let you enjoy your drink. Looking for a secret place? This is the one you should keep for yourself for you and your other half.

Noer: for a non-pressure date - Falckensteinstrasse 10, Berlin

Are you looking for a date place without any pressure to stay for too long? I mean: if your date is not what you expected, you want to escape sharpish, those pictures can be misleading after all. In Kreuzberg, close to the Spree is a small wine place called Noer, where you can choose a wine with the help of a very friendly waiter and enjoy your drink outside in the sun. A rainy day? No problem, because you can also sit inside. Go to this classy and no-nonsense place to enjoy a nice glass of wine and maybe your date as well. And if not, fleeing is easy.

By Karmijn Simons

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