Kid Wave, Any Pretty & Mother of the Unicorn

Fans of indie music and summer shows are in for a treat Friday, July 17th when Cranky Booking, known for highlighting talent from the local indie music scene, will be stepping up their Cranky Fest to a bigger stage at Kantine am Berghain.

In some ways with a bigger stage comes bigger hype, and this edition’s line-up promises some real ear candy with a mix of not only Berlin bands Any Pretty, Mother of the Unicorn, and Hush Moss (now in Tel-Aviv) but also London group Kid Wave making their German debut.

Buoyant, effervescent, yet introspective: Kid Wave captures the essence of youthful summer optimism. The indie rock/pop group has a decidedly 90’s bent, invoking great memories but unafraid of creating their own. Their Cranky Fest performance will be their only show in Germany before they embark on a September headlining tour in England. The band also just released their debut album in May this year with label Heavenly Recordings, and German label, Play It Again Sam.

Local synth-pop-rock group Any Pretty is a Cranky Fest alum, having played to a packed venue on Valentine’s Day. The band utilizes a dense, distressed minimalism in framing the prickly but soulful earnestness of their unique male/female duo-lead, the unusual percussive vocal stylings of which infuse their songs with movement and emotion. The effect: vivid, off-kilter, irresistible.

Berlin band Mother of the Unicorn (Späti Palace) is the live performance evolution of singer Joe Kelly’s formerly London-based production work, with music characterized by wistful vocals, choppy beats, and dreamy color-saturated sonic landscapes. The alternative indie group played most recently at the 2015 Torstraßen Festival, and the upcoming Cranky Fest show will give fans the opportunity to get their hands on an exclusive special release EP.

Hush Moss is the new incarnation of Peach Peach of recent November edition Cranky Fest fame before the band’s breakup and relocation back to Tel-Aviv. In Berlin again just for the summer, they may have changed their name and added an extra member, but the new Hush Moss has the same intoxicating quality as before: feel-good fun in the sun.

With this line-up, Cranky Fest 5 looks to be a memorable summer evening of great live music, and then afterwards, the What Difference Does It Make DJ Team will take the reins, ready to cater to any and all dancing needs long into the night.

Cranky Fest 5: Kid Wave + Any Pretty + Mother of the Unicorn + Hush Moss
Friday, 17 July 2015 at 19:00.
Kantine am Berghain | Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin/Friedrichshain
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