Hungry? Get Your Teeth Into The Bite Club

Few things are more satisfying than chilling by the river in the sunshine with a beer, but add some delicious street food and you’re in paradise.

With the arrival of summer comes ‘Bite Club’, an unmissable addition to the banks of the Spree. This festival of food and music sets up every other Friday right next to one of Berlin’s best summer locations, the Badeschiff. You can grab a tasty bite to eat, then pop next door for a cool drink by the water and a dip in the open air pool.

So what exactly is on offer? Described by its creators as marrying the party vibes of a Brooklyn food fair with all the excitement of an Asian night market it’s clear they’re aiming for fun and variety. From breakfast burritos to Jamaican jerk chicken, there’s a range of international cuisines covering every meal of the day. Many stalls also have a vegetarian or vegan option, so there’s something for everyone. The food is a little pricier than your average Berlin food stall, but it’s worth it for the quality and freshness of the food provided by these local traders.  You can even drool over pictures of the tasty treats on the Bite Club website before your visit.

And it’s not just about the food – Bite Club aims to create a fun, sociable atmosphere inspired by the ‘freewheeling nature’ of the city. A concept dreamed up by food writer Tommy Tannock and design editor Miranda Zahediah, its now been in full swing for two years. Each Bite Club event runs from mid-afternoon until midnight with a DJ set up on the sand and colourful banners and signs decorating the space. You can sit among the brightly coloured food trucks listening to disco music or hop on board the Hoppetosse boat for a drink or two. From the deck you can admire a postcard-worthy view of Berlin, complete with the famous TV tower on one side and the giant Molecule Man sculpture on the other.

Bite Club has also been known to pop up at various other locations in the city, but on the 31st July you can stroll back down to the Spree for their birthday barbeque on the vintage Hoppetosse boat. Check out the Bite Club website for more information on their other services and future events!

By Laura Bithell

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