Drinking Culture: Top 5 Cheap Pints in Berlin

Weekenders from London and Stockholm love the cheap drinks in Berlin. But once you’ve been here for a while, you start to wonder just how low it can go. Here’s our top five 0,5s for (well) under a fiver.

Astra Stube Neukölln

If you’re a football fan, this is the bar for you. Situated on Weichselstraße, Astra Stube shows the top games every weekend. This place is dynamic and alive, with football shirts and scarves draped from the ceiling and some interesting seating in the form of comfortable Strandkorbs. A large range of international beers including San Miguel, Carlsberg and all types of Astra costing only €2 make this place worth a visit.
Weichselstraße 69
U7 Rathaus Neukölln


On Simon-Dach Straße, a street full of bars, one stands out. Rockz, perhaps more of a Kneipe than a bar, is lively, rough and ready; the vinyl covers that tile the walls and the guitars that hang gleaming from the ceiling give this place zest. The rock music is loud, but this only adds to the fun. Beer comes cheap with bottled Staropramen Pils costing €2,10 and bottled Becks €2,30.
Simon-Dach Straße 37
U12 Warschauer Straße

Trude Ruth and Golddammer

Situated in central Neukölln, Trude Ruth and Golddammer is hip, upbeat and dynamic. Like most bars in Neukölln, it is dimly lit and full of secondhand furniture, but this one has an air of sincerity. It is chilled out and relaxing even when packed with people. With a bottle of Pilsner costing only €2, you can’t go wrong here. (Bonus: check out swing dancing on Wednesdays)
Flughafenstraße 38
U8 Boddinstraße

Lerchen and Eulen

Hidden in central Kreuzberg lies a lovely little bar covered by a web of majestic green plants. Lerchen and Eulen is charming yet minimal, with great ambient music. It’s one of the rare Berlin bars that serves coolness and humility in equal parts. With a small Berliner Pilsner going for €2, and a big Augustiner setting you back a very reasonable €2,50, this place is definitely top of the list for a relaxing beer!
Pücklerstraße 33
U12 Gorlitzer Bahnhof

Spati International (wild card)

The wild card—Späti International is spare and simple but has everything you need. A dark, cosy room at the back of the Späti invites you to enjoy your drink indoors, Späti International offers a casual space to chill out, have a laugh with friends, and listen to the owner’s eclectic musical selections (hello, Mulatu Astatke). When you’re down to your last few euros, this place is a great shout, with the price of bottled beer ranging from 70ct (Sternberg) to a paltry €1,50 (Augustiner)!
Weserstraße 190
U7 Rathaus Neukölln

By Bonny Herington

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