Preview: XPOSED Film Festival (May 21 – 24)

City of sexual liberation. Queer capital of the world. Global headquarters of cultural experimentation. Berlin’s reputation has once again preceded it in the form of the XPOSED Film Festival, whose tenth edition will be held at Moviemento Kreuzberg from May 21st till May the 24th. This festival with a big and boldly beating heart focuses on diversity within queer culture. It showcases old and new films depicting different viewpoints from various corners of the world, this year with a specific focus on Australian queer cinema.

The main portion of the programme consists of a varied selection of short films contending for the four Lolly Awards—including an audience’s choice prize—to be awarded in a ceremony on the festival’s final day. The festival will also help support queer filmmakers by awarding a film grant to a Berlin-based director. A great way to help smaller projects see the light of day.

Of course this is only the tip of the iceberg. The festival kicks off on the 21st of May with a screening of queer classic Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and an opening party at Südblock. On May 22nd, a panel of experts will discuss the representation of cross-dressing and drag in cinema. May 23rd will feed us a larger chunk of kino candy with the screening of the first six episodes of the Australian television series Please Like Me. Finally, on the 24th of May, the festival culminates with the Lolly Awards Ceremony.

Festival Directors Michael Stütz & Bartholomew Sammut

Throughout the festival’s four days, cinephiles can grouse over a diverse offering of queer films, covering a remarkably wide array of topics. For example, the French-Tunisian Fort Buchanan follows an army husband between fellow army wives, the Argentinian feature Heterophobia tackles the delicate subject of rape, and Appropriate Behaviour shows a New York-based girl balance the exploration of her sexuality with being part of a conservative Persian family.

The metaphorical cherry on top is the Naughty Room, where those in search of the festival’s kinkier side can see 12 short porn movies offered as a daily installation piece. Among these, a sneak peek at the upcoming tenth annual Porn Film Festival, to be held in October.

To get more information about the program, head to XPOSED Film Festival

By Tom De Moor

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