Die Spielwiese: Scrabble, Jenga, Chess, They’ve Got it All

In the heart of Friedrichshain lies a special place that offers entertainment for all. It is Berlin’s first board game café: Die Spielwiese. Die Spielwiese (The Playground) is a café, library, and shop, packed with rows and rows of board games ready for your enjoyment. Situated on Kopernikusstraße, the café is only a short walk from Warschauer Straße station.

The place opened around eight years ago, with one man’s private collection of six hundred board games! Die Spielwiese now owns over two thousand board games (make sure you go with a lot of free time… it took me a long time to choose from this brilliant collection.)

The board games are collected from fairs where staff members test out the hottest new games on the scene. The staff members are therefore extremely knowledgeable about board games as well as being incredibly accommodating and friendly; so don’t hesitate to ask them to ask for a recommendation.

This friendly atmosphere is also reflected in the décor of the café. The small space is covered with little wooden tables and primary colored chairs, plus not forgetting the remarkable shelves with rows and rows of brightly colored games.

There is often chilled music in the background, giving a relaxing ambiance to the competitive courses and laughter from the players. From experience this noise has never been irritating, it is actually incredibly heart-warming to hear and watch other people having such fun.

With an extensive selection of games, both old and modern, this place has it all from Monopoly to UNO to Mikado. It is the perfect place to impress a date, chill with friends or spend time with the family.

Each player must pay €1 per hour, but drinks are relatively cheap ranging from €2 – €3. It is a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon or a rainy day (since the weather is so temperamental at the moment) having fun and taking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Or alternatively, it is a great place to have a beer and reconnect with friends in the evening.

On Mondays, at 7pm the place opens its doors to games designers who create and test out the newest games about.  Furthermore, on Tuesdays, the place can be rented for private parties; so if you want to throw someone a party, Die Spielwiese is the place to be.

In a world where we are constantly bombarded by technology and swamped by the busyness of everyday life, it is places like this that offer us what we need. The simple delights of a board game: fun, social interaction and (sometimes) perhaps a little brain testing.

Die Spielwiese
Kopernikusstraße 24, Berlin, 12205
U12 – Warschauer Straße
Here they are on Facebook.

By Bonny Herington

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