Berlin's Biggest Show: Welcome to THE WYLD

Nothing I write here can really prepare people for the spectacular event that is THE WYLD. Billed as “Out of this World” and “Las Vegas in Berlin”, both seem like understatements. I can honestly say I've never seen anything like it.

Of course, for the money that went into creating the show, you might expect something a little “Out of this World”. A production budget of over ten million euros makes THE WYLD the most expensive show in Friedrichstadt-Palast's 95-year history. The brainchild of Thierry Mugler - yep, the perfume guy – and Roland Welke, THE WYLD is a tribute, and a declaration of love, to all of the quirks and characters that make Berlin such a special place.

The shock of paying €7 for a glass of wine quickly wears off as you are transported into a magical world. Over 100 performers in stunning costumes captivate you with mind-blowing choreography and music that will stay in your head for weeks after the show. All of this takes place on Europe's largest theatre stage, which is, at times, a show-stealer in itself.

THE WYLD is truly a show with something for everyone – it's funny, it's sexy, it's bizarre. From BMX bikers to burlesque dancers; from performing poodles to amazing acrobatics; there's so much going on that sometimes, it's hard to know where to look. They've even thrown in aliens, Marlene Dietrich and Nefertiti for good measure...

I think the man sitting a few people away from me best summed up most people's feelings after the show. He must have shouted “WHOOP!” two hundred times in a row (much to the amusement of everyone around him) while clapping ecstatically and beaming from ear to ear. But then, THE WYLD has that effect on you.

Photos: Robert Grischek

THE WYLD runs until mid-2016 at Friedrichstadt-Palast. Tickets sell out quickly so be sure to get in early. Ticket prices range from €16.90 to €109.90. The minimum recommended age is 12 years old as the show is a little racy in places! 

The running time is around 2.5 hours with a 25-minute intermission. It's possible to reserve a table for the intermission before the show. No photography is allowed during the show, but you get the opportunity to take photos at the end. For more information, visit Palast Berlin.

By Linda O'Grady
Linda works as an English teacher, writer and editor, and has been living in Berlin since September 2014. She also shares some of her more irreverent thoughts on life as an Irishwoman living in Germany in her blog - Expat Eye on Germany.

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