Five Things To Enjoy While Being Broke in Berlin

Berlin is, in comparison to other cities, a rather cheap place to live. However, in spite of this (whether it’s because you’re struggling to find a job or you have blown all your money in Berghain) sometimes you can find yourself rather strapped for cash. Here are some tips for making the most out of those gloomy days and to assure you that Berlin is still wonderful and eventful even when the euros aren't flowing so easily.

5. Tisch Tennis

Table Tennis is a big sport in Germany and even if you’re no professional it’s great fun to have a knock about with friends. There are numerous table tennis courts across Berlin, mostly adjacent to parks. A specifically good one can be located in Schierker Platz in Neukölln. Although unfortunately you have to provide your own bats and balls, you can often buy these in supermarkets. If funds are too tight the nice people of Berlin will be sure to lend you some. It’s the perfect way to spend your summer evenings.

U7 Neukölln

4. Krumme Lanke

No one can underestimate how good it feels to be chilling next to water. Now that the sun is shining a visit to this lake is a must-do. Situated in the south west of Berlin it is quite a way away from the city centre, however it is definitely worth the long journey. One can easily find a private spot to relax with friends, take a date or do some solitary thinking. My only advice would be to hold off on the swimming front for a month or two, I tried to take a dip this week and it’s safe to say that the water is bloody freezing. When June comes however, it’ll be a lovely place to bathe.

U3 Krumme Lanke

3.  Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, built around the 1890s, was partially destroyed during the Second World War. Now this damage remains in its structure with the spire being reconstructed. The church’s architecture is beautiful both outside and inside and is a peaceful place to visit when one is looking for some kind of sanctuary. The entrance hall to the spire is now a memorial hall open to the public.

U1/U9 Kurfürstendamm

2. Ritter World

For any chocolate lovers out there Ritter World is definitely worth a visit. The place is a shop, but this is in itself an experience; you can marvel at the rows and rows of different flavoured little squares. There is a small museum upstairs that tells you the interesting story about how the company began and how the chocolate is made. For a small fee (unfortunately this is not free) you can even design your own flavour chocolate, however you do have to pay and there is often a long queue.

Französische Strasse 24
10117 Berlin
U6 Französische Straße

1. Templehof Feld

So perhaps a fairly obvious choice for number one, however, this place cannot be underestimated, especially now that the sun is shinning. Formerly an airfield that was in use throughout the Second World War and main terminal for American aircrafts during the Cold War, this place is a significant historical landmark. It is now a free space thanks to Berlin’s community who fought against proposed construction work for new housing. This vast amount of open space is unheard of in other cities and is the perfect place to take a cycle ride, read a book or dance around to some randomer’s blasting tunes.

U6 Templehof
S-Bahn S41/ S42

By Bonny Herington

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